Russell Simmons: ‘Even Bernie Sanders Could Beat’ Trump


Music mogul Russell Simmons sat down with HuffPost Live on Friday and said he hopes leading Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump wins the primary because that would be good for Democrats like socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders.

“He can’t win. All he can do for us is win the primary, and that would be fantastic,” Simmons said of Trump. “Even Bernie Sanders could beat him, and that would be great.”

“He’s covered and he’s getting media and he’s winning because he’s an outsider whose interesting and fun to watch and people believe some of the stuff he says, but not enough to win,” he added.

During Thursday’s Republican debate, Bernie Sanders tweeted a December 2 poll that puts him ahead of most of the Republican field in a head-to-head matchup.

However, the Real Clear Politics average of polls has Sanders and Trump locked in a virtual tie.

Simmons, who spent most of the interview endorsing Bernie Sanders, also said if the Vermont senator won, “we wouldn’t have to overturn things like the little gun thing that Obama did or we wouldn’t have to backtrack on some of the progressive ideas that we’re implementing, like health care.”

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