Rap Group ‘Blackalicious’ Releases Police Brutality Propaganda Video


An obscure Sacramento, California, based hip-hip group named Blackalicious released a new music video showing footage of the police shooting of Walter Scott, New York City cops choking Eric Garner, and the Michael Brown crime scene in the few seconds of the three minute clip.

The relatively unknown group hadn’t released an album since 2005. The song, “On Fire Tonight,” on which the video is based is from the group’s 2015 album, Imani Vol. 1

Conveniently, Blackalicious tweeted the album and included the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter and #Formation, a hat tip to Beyoncé.

Other than exploring the imagery of “fire,” the song’s lyrics don’t reflect the video. Nor do they mention the men being shown beaten by police by name.

The project’s subject matter and the timing of it’s release resembles the same opportunistic themes that pro-Black Lives Matter singer Beyoncé appears to practice.

While performing a Black Panther Party tribute at this year’s Super Bowl, Beyoncé announced her worldwide music tour. Blackalicious released their anti-police music video along with information about their upcoming tour.

For both Beyoncé and Blackalicious to use so-called black oppression at the hands of police to make a buck isn’t pro-black, it’s pro-profit.

Watch the video for “On Fire Tonight” below:

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