Watch: Trump Booed During ‘Late Show’ Phone Interview After Opposing Obama on Scalia’s Replacement

New York, NY

By way of a specially designated “Trump phone,” Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump visited The Late Show on Tuesday night from host Stephen Colbert’s home state of South Carolina.

Colbert started the show by unveiling an orange phone which was adorned with a blonde wig. Describing the phone as “the Trump Phone,” Colbert pleaded with Trump to call him.

“Hello, who is this?” Colbert said after answering the call.

“This is Donald Trump. Hello, Stephen,” responded Trump.

After Colbert asked Trump to verify his identity by saying something uniquely Trump, the New York billionaire quipped, “Well, I could say, ‘you’re fired.’”

Also referring to Trump’s mouth as a “Trump hole,” Colbert suggested Trump get a “swear jar” before quizzing the GOP frontrunner how he would handle appointing a Supreme Court justice following the death of Antonin Scalia last Friday.

Asked if he would allow the Senate to deny an appointed judge in his final year, Trump responded, “Well, the Senate really has the right to do that.”

“I would certainly, if I were president, regardless of who that may be, I guess I’d put in a name. The Senate really does – especially for this fairly short period of time – have the right to not to do it, not to vote on it, not to approve it — which is probably what they’d do.”

After Trump said Scalia’s replacement should be appointed by the next president, he was booed by Colbert’s studio audience.

Trump tweeted about the phone interview earlier in the day on Tuesday.

According to TheWrap, CBS confirmed Trump’s phone-in interview would be the first time a guest had called the show since it first aired in 1993 with host David Letterman.

Watch the full interview below:

A new CNN poll released Tuesday shows Trump leading big in South Carolina, up 16 points over Ted Cruz with with 38 percent support.