‘Idiocracy’ Writer Says Film About Idiots Ruling America Has Become a ‘Documentary’

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On Wednesday, one of the writers of the 2006 satirical cult film Idiocracy said his film no longer looks like a work of fiction when commenting on the state of American politics.

Etan Cohen, who co-wrote the film alongside director Mike Judge, wrote on Twitter that he “never expected Idiocracy to become a documentary.”

In response to a commenter who replied to his tweet, Cohen then joked, “I thought the worst thing that would come true was everyone wearing Crocs.”

In 2014, Mike Judge (Beavis and Butthead, King of the Hill) commented on the legacy of the film, which portrays a dystopian future, filled with idiots whose shallow lives are ruled by groupthink and laughing at jokes about flatulence. Judge told The Verge:

When I first had the idea and was writing [Idiocracy], I was at Disneyland. My daughters were young and I was at the teacups ride with them. And this woman had had an altercation with another woman before, I guess, and they were right behind me. And this other woman passes by and they just started [going after each other] … and they’re just cussing in front of their kids. And I’m there with my daughters thinking, “I don’t think this is how Walt Disney imagined it.”

Judge added: “People will email and post stuff on my Twitter that’s like, ‘Hey, you predicted it right!’ So that’s always nice. But it’s not always nice because you want the world to become a better place … we’re doomed. Might as well make jokes about it.”

Actor Terry Crews, who played American President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho in the movie, referenced the character on Twitter in January.

Watch the Idiocracy trailer below: