Comedian Sacha Baron Cohen Suggests Trump will Choose Bill Cosby for V.P.

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Los Angeles, CA

British satirist and comedian Sacha Baron Cohen accused Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump of engaging in “racial hatred” and predicted the frontrunner would choose comedian Bill Cosby as his running mate during a mock endorsement.

At the U.S. premiere of his new film The Brothers Grimsby in Westwood, California on Thursday night, Baron Cohen appeared on the red carpet wearing one of Trump’s red “Make America Great Again” hats, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The Borat actor then declared, “Donald Julio Trump for president!”

“Initially I was going to endorse that crazy, liberal socialist, Ted Cruz. But it was Donald’s rallies that won me over. It’s like football matches in England: shouting, violence, abuse. The only difference is that we don’t throw the black people out. In fact, Donald is — and it’s the best thing about him — the ultimate soccer hooligan,” said Baron Cohen. He added:

He’ll listen thoughtfully to the other side’s argument … and then he’ll kick their f—king heads in. Now some of you out there are worried about Trump. It’s absolute nonsense, all right? History has shown that a loud, ranting bloke [shouting] out racial hatred at rallies has never hurt anyone.”

Donald Trump loves everyone, not just people of color … orange. In fact he’s going to choose as his running mate that retired black doctor who’s had a bit of a drop in popularity. You know, Bill Cosby.

Baron Cohen further stated: “Now listen, we need a businessman to run this country, and Trump is a bloody business genius. In the ’70s he inherited a mere $40 million. If he just put it in a bank, by now he would be worth $8 million, but instead, through careful investments and business acquisitions, he’s now worth an amazing $4 million. Which is why I’m giving him half of my weekly unemployment benefits to his campaign.”

Holding a check written for $36.20 the actor then said, “People of America, please vote Donald Julio Trump, and let’s turn the White House into the Orange House!”

On Thursday, it was reported that a scene in the The Brothers Grimsby shows Trump contracting the AIDS virus for Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe, and that the scene has Sony executives nervous.

The film’s Trump scene reportedly drew “loud cheering” and standing ovations at screenings across Europe.

Sony is reportedly working to minimize the impact of the joke by scaling back the film’s American marketing efforts.

Watch a trailer for The Brothers Grimsby below: