Michael Ian Black, Simon & Schuster Prepare to Release ‘A Child’s First Book of Trump’ Before GOP Convention

Amazon / Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers

Actor-comedian Michael Ian Black has teamed up with the children’s division of publisher Simon & Schuster to release A Child’s First Book of Trump, a parody children’s picture book that will explore the “curious creature” that is the GOP presidential frontrunner.

According to its Amazon page, the 32-page book — authored by Black and illustrated by Marc Rosenthal — is intended for adults, even though it will reportedly be published by Simon & Schuster’s Books for Young Readers imprint.

“The Trump is a curious creature, very often spotted in the wild, but confounding to our youngest citizens. A business mogul, reality TV host, and now…political candidate?” the book’s synopsis reads.

“Kids (and let’s be honest many adults) might have difficulty discerning just what this thing that’s been dominating news coverage this election cycle is. Could he actually be real? Are those…words coming out of his mouth? Why are his hands so tiny? And perhaps most importantly, what on earth do you do when you encounter an American Trump?”

In a statement released through the book’s publisher, Black played up the children’s-style humor the book will likely draw on.

“Yes, Trumps are wild and unpredictable creatures, but with a little knowledge, I hope everybody can learn to appreciate the Trump for the misunderstood, absurd creature it is,” Black said in a statement, according to the New York Post.

The book’s Amazon page also includes a short excerpt of the kind of humor readers can expect:

“The beasty is called an American Trump.
Its skin is bright orange, its figure is plump.
Its fur so complex you might get enveloped.
Its hands though are, sadly, underdeveloped.”

The 44-year-old Wet Hot American Summer star has used his trademark snark to skewer (mostly Republican) presidential candidates this election cycle. After Trump won the New Hampshire primary in February, Black took to Twitter to poll followers on whether they thought then-candidate Marco Rubio would perform a sex act on Trump to secure the vice presidential slot. 

Black also came under fire on social media in November for politicizing the Paris terror attacks while the attacks were still underway.

A Child’s First Book of Trump is due out July 12. Pre-orders have begun on Amazon.