Jon Cryer: Donald Trump Is Like Charlie Sheen — Both Say ‘Whatever Foolishness’ Pops into Their Heads

Jon Cryer Pretty in Pink
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Actor Jon Cryer says Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump reminds him of his former Two and A Half Men co-star Charlie Sheen — both will say “whatever foolishness” pops into their heads.

In an appearance on Tuesday’s episode of Fox talk show The Real, the 50-year-old actor described the “interesting overlap” between the troubled sitcom star and the billionaire businessman-turned-presidential candidate, both of whom, Cryer said, have little or no filter.


“I actually don’t like to get into politics too much, because you know, who cares what the guy from Two and A Half Men thinks about politics?” Cryer joked.

“But interestingly, this year it’s kind of a little more relevant, because I worked with a guy who also, whenever he said whatever came to the top of his head, people loved it,” he continued, referring to Sheen. “And they loved it even more when he said horrible things. So there’s an interesting overlap between… Charlie and Donald Trump.”

Cryer added that people respond, just as they did with Sheen, when Trump says “whatever foolishness” comes into his head.

“It’s fascinating to watch,” he said, “because I don’t want people to pick the president based on entertainment value. Because I saw somebody spectacularly flame out and ruin everything that was good in their lives by doing that, and I don’t want somebody else to ruin everybody else’s lives by coming to power that way.”

Cryer had a falling-out with Sheen after his former Two and A Half Men co-star was fired by Warner Bros. over his increasingly scandalous behavior, including getting into a war of words with showrunner Chuck Lorre. Sheen’s character was killed off of the popular show and replaced by Ashton Kutcher.

In November, Sheen revealed he was HIV-positive in an interview with NBC’s Matt Lauer. And in April, the LAPD announced it had launched an investigation into the actor over allegations that the had threatened to put a $20,000 “hit” on his ex-fiancé.

Cryer has made his displeasure with Trump known before: In February, shortly after Trump finished second in the Iowa caucus, the actor tweeted out a mock photo of the candidate with his hair stuck up straight.

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