WATCH: Robert De Niro Is Legendary Boxing Trainer Ray Arcel in ‘Hands of Stone’ Trailer

Robert De Niro and Edgar Ramirez are set to play legendary trailer-boxer duo Ray Arcel and Roberto Duran in this summer’s true story-based drama Hands of Stone.

Hands of Stone will follow the rise of Duran to become one of the most famous welterweight boxers in the world, with the help of his trainer Arcel. Duran memorably defeated Sugar Ray Leonard to claim the welterweight belt in June 1980, but lost a rematch later that year when he forfeited in the middle of a fight.

Jurnee Smollett-Bell, Ellen Barkin and John Turturro co-star. R&B star Usher is set to play Sugar Ray Leonard.

Hands of Stone was written and directed by Jonathan Jakubowicz (Secuestro Express, Lynch).

The film premieres in theaters August 26.

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