Sexism? Men Charged Almost Double for Calvin Harris Concert

Rich Fury/Invision/AP
Rich Fury/Invision/AP

Commentators agree its sexist, but no-one can quite agree how.

Scottish music star Calvin Harris is selling tickets for his new concert at the Omnia in Las Vegas, but if you’re a man, you’re in for some bad news — you have to pay $75 for a standard ticket, whereas women only have to pay $40.

No one knows yet whether Harris is trying to fix the mythical feminist “wage gap” by slapping men with a higher fee (a common tactic at feminist bake sales), or whether he’s going for the old nightclub-owner’s trick of letting the women in for free to make his show seem cooler.

Of course, surely a smart marketer would claim to be doing the former to disguise the fact that he’s doing the latter.

Harris’ mysterious pricing policy has already got commentators talking. The Daily Telegraph straightforwardly accuses the singer of being sexist and points out that the practice of charging men and women different prices for the same product has been banned in a number of US states.

New York magazines Jessica Roy is more confused, but is convinced gender politics is involved somehow. That’s accurate, but precisely how is, at this point, anyone’s guess.

Men’s issues commentator Martin Daubney told the Telegraph, “We often hear that it is women who pay more for the same things, but it is actually routine for men to get charged more to get into night clubs.”

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