WATCH: Snoop Dogg Fails Weed Question on ‘Celebrity Family Feud’


Snoop Dogg may “smoke weed every day” — as one of his most famous songs suggests — but the Grammy-nominated rapper was schooled on the subject during Sunday night’s episode of Celebrity Family Feud.

Feud host Steve Harvey read the first question aloud to Snoop and his opponent, boxing legend “Sugar” Ray Leonard.

“Name something Grandma might do if she caught Grandpa smoking marijuana,” Harvey prompted.

Snoop Dogg beat the boxing great to the buzzer, eliciting a hearty laugh from Harvey and the studio audience.

“Put hands on him,” Snoop answered, before being told to provide a “more specific answer.”

“She would hit him,” the rapper explained.

Sure enough, “Beat his old arse” was the fourth-best answer.

But Leonard ended up beating Snoop at his own game: “Scream at him,” he said, guessing the second-best answer.

Snoop’s loss was surprising given the rapper’s affinity for high-grade marijuana. The 44-year-old rapper is the proprietor of, a marijuana lifestyle website, and is also an investor in Eaze, a marijuana delivery startup.

Snoop is even gearing up to kickoff “The High Road” summer tour with fellow rapper and weed aficionado Wiz Khalifa.

To be fair, Snoop may have bigger things on his mind these days; the rapper is set to host a “unity party” at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia later this month.

Watch the full segment on Celebrity Family Feud above.


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