Lil Wayne Cuts Cannabis Cup Concert Short Because Fans Were ‘Too Mellow’

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Rapper Lil Wayne abruptly walked off the stage during his High Times Cannabis Concentrates Cup Show in San Bernardino Saturday night after completing just four songs.

The New Orleans rapper had reportedly agreed to perform for an hour, but left the intoxicated crowd wanting more after performing for just 10 minutes.

Footage of Lil Wayne’s performance posted by caught the rapper saying, “Man, y’all are too mellow for me to ever do this sh*t again. Don’t you, ever, ever, ever, ask me to do this sh*t again.”

According to XXLmag, the rapper walked off the stage after becoming fed up with the audience’s stunted enthusiasm.

“Is this what you want me to do? You serious?,” Lil Wayne reportedly said during his performance.

Marijuana lifestyle publication High Times, which hosted the event, released a statement blasting Lil Wayne for his unexpectedly short set.

“We have no idea why, after a stellar performance by B.o.B, Lil Wayne suddenly ended his performance after just four songs when he was contractually committed to performing for an hour for the fans,” the outlet said in a statement.

“We are truly baffled by why Lil Wayne would do this in front of thousands of Cannabis Cup attendees – in total disregard for his fans – and are awaiting an explanation from his team.”

In a video posted to Youtube, concertgoers are asked their thoughts on the 33-year-old artist’s show.

Many of the audience members at the concert had a similar reaction to Lil Wayne’s short-lived act, and cursed the rapper out before leaving.


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