WATCH – Music Supergroup Tells Politicians: ‘Don’t Use Our Songs’


On the latest installment of HBO’s Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, the show’s host returned from his hiatus for a special episode and was joined by some of America’s top recording artists, who slammed Donald Trump and the Republican National Convention and warned politicians not to use their songs without permission on the campaign trail.

Oliver dedicated a segment of his show to those musicians whose songs have been used during political event by candidates they may not support. He noted that British rock band Queen complained about the use of the band’s 1977 hit “We Are the Champions” during a Trump RNC appearance.

The English comedian then formed a “super-group” – featuring Usher, Michael Bolton, Cyndi Lauper and Heart’s Nancy and Ann Wilson, among others – who all sang a message to politicians: “Don’t use our songs.”

Singer Ann Wilson began the tune by singing: “It’s that time of year, campaign season’s here.”

Michael Bolton follows by singing, “You wave and point make your speeches while balloons fall everywhere.”

Next up is Usher, who adds: “But we notice something’s wrong and it’s gone on way too long/ So we’re asking you right now/ Stop using our songs!”

“Don’t use our songs, ‘cuz you use it wrong,” the singers belted in unison. “It might seem appealing, but you’re just stealing. By the time this tune is through, you’ll be lucky if we don’t sue.”

Oliver took to Twitter on Monday morning to thank the stars, who helped him deliver a symphonic middle finger to politicians.

Oliver has committed a lot of time to bashing the newly-minted Republican presidential nominee.

This past March, Last Week Tonight‘s “Donald Drumpf” segment offered up a scathing rebuke of Trump’s family history. After first refusing to mention Trump on his show, Oliver dove headlong into personal insults against the White House hopeful after he began to win a string of primary contests.

“At this point, Trump is America’s back mole: It may have seemed harmless a year ago, but now that it’s gotten frighteningly bigger, it is no longer wise to ignore it,” Oliver said in his 20-minute rant.

As Breitbart News has reported, at least nine high-profile musicians have complained about Trump’s use of their music at his campaign events.


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