Miley Cyrus: Hillary Clinton ‘A Total Goddess’


Appearing as a guest on Ellen DeGeneres’ show Wednesday, pop singer Miley Cyrus gushed about Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton: “I think she’s a total goddess and I just love her.”

Cyrus, 23, who has recently been stumping for Clinton in Washington, D.C. and at George Mason University in Virginia, said about her appearance at the school:

You listen to so many people, especially when you’re watching the debates, specifically Trump, say so many dumb things, and these young kids were so smart and so amazing to talk to them, not why we should just be terrified of the other option – it wasn’t about what a horrible guy Trump is – nasty guy Trump is. It was really about what a great woman she is. And we would choose her no matter what it would be, who she was up against.

So, I really think it was incredible to hear the young people say why they’re voting for her.

“There will be more people voting in this election than in any election before,” DeGeneres said.

“That’s what we really, really hope,” Cyrus added.

“We need everyone to register,” pleaded DeGeneres. “We need everyone to go out.”

Cyrus said she actively stumped for Clinton because she had openly supported Bernie Sanders in the primary, and wanted to speak to those people who are now undecided about voting for Clinton.

“Which I find ridiculous,” she said, “because in life we don’t always get the choices that we want. We don’t always get what we want, and so you do with what you have.”

“And these are your choices, and it’s terrifying if someone besides Hillary Clinton – we shouldn’t even say the name – becomes president,” Cyrus added. “So I think she’s a total goddess, and I just love her. And I’m really excited to see her for the next four – maybe eight – years.”

“I hope you’re right,” DeGeneres responded, expressing concern that many Sanders supporters are still not committing to vote for Clinton.

Cyrus said she saw Sanders supporters protesting when she visited Washington, D.C., and emphasized that she backed him originally because, unlike Clinton, he has always been an LGBT supporter.

“I think, like Hillary – I think she’s grown, and that’s what it is,” she continued. “We should celebrate progress and not perfection.”