Adele: Not the Time for ‘Building Walls or Sh*t Like That Right Now’

Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images

British pop superstar Adele is apparently not a fan of one of Donald Trump’s signature policy proposals.

In an otherwise non-political, wide-ranging interview for the cover story of Vanity Fair this month, the 28-year-old “Hello” songstress criticized the Republican presidential candidate’s proposal to build a security wall on the U.S.-Mexico border.

“We only know Trump from The Apprentice, so we think a reality star is running for president,” the singer told Vanity Fair. “I just don’t think anybody should be building walls or sh*t like that right now.”

“I think we need to look after each other,” she added. “Everyone must vote.”

The singer, awarded the Order of the British Empire by Prince Charles in 2013, put it more bluntly at a concert at the American Airlines Arena in Miami last month, with Clinton herself in the audience.

“Don’t vote for him,” she said, apparently referring to Trump. “I can’t vote but I am 100 percent for Hillary Clinton. I love her, she’s amazing.”

“I am English but what happens in America affects me too,” she added.

The singer is currently wrapping up a massive world tour that saw her play extended residencies in Los Angeles, New York City, London, Amsterdam and Toronto. Her last six U.S. dates, all in Texas, are all completely sold out.

Still, Adele told Vanity Fair she wouldn’t mind if she never went out on such a big tour ever again.

“I love being famous for my songs, but I don’t enjoy being in the public eye. I love to make music, and I love doing shows, and I needed to go back to work—not for money but because something was missing. I wasn’t creating music,” she told the magazine. “But there is such a massive difference between what I do for my work and what I do in my real life. I don’t think anyone should be famous for going to a grocery store or a playground.”

Read the singer’s full interview with Vanity Fair here.


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