Singer Richard Marx Helps Subdue Violent Passenger on Korean Air Flight


Pop singer Richard Marx displayed a bit of in-flight heroism this week when he apparently helped to subdue and restrain a violent, unruly passenger on a flight from Vietnam to South Korea.

The 80s hitmaker was reportedly traveling from Hanoi to Seoul on Korean Air Flight 480 with his wife, model and former MTV VJ Daisy Fuentes, when a passenger became belligerent and began attacking fellow passengers and several crew members.

“When he started pushing the female staff and pulling them by the hair, [Marx] was the first to help subdue him,” Fuentes wrote of the ordeal on her Instagram account Tuesday.

Fuentes said the incident lasted for four hours, and that the Korean Air flight crew were wholly unprepared to handle the unruly attacker: “They never fully got control of him,” she wrote. “They didn’t know how to use the taser & they didn’t know how to secure the rope around him (he got loose from their rope restraints 3 times).”

Fuentes said she recorded video of the incident and would release it in the near future.

TMZ reported that the attacker was arrested upon the plane’s landing in Seoul. Two passengers and one crew member were reportedly injured during the incident.

Marx posted several photographs to his own Twitter account, and said the flight crew had been “ill-equipped” to handle the situation.

Marx is perhaps best known for a string of hit songs in the 1980s, including “Right Here Waiting,” “Now and Forever” and “Endless Summer Nights.” The Grammy-winning singer was reportedly in Hanoi over the weekend to perform at a Christmas charity concert.


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