Golden Globes: A Celebration of Success… Sort of

Golden Globes-Fallon-AP

The 2017 Golden Globe Awards show opened with a lackluster musical number and a teleprompter failure, leaving host and comedian Jimmy Fallon with nothing to say … or improvise.

He introduced the show reminding everybody they were there to celebrate the great body of artistic work produced this last year.

No celebration ensued, unless you count the celebration of political correctness. Even when richly deserved, the awards and accomplishments were presented as though ripped from the very jaws of downtrodden victimhood.

The pace was rushed, the sense of drama minimal, the winners’ names delivered like throwaway lines, sotto voce. It just isn’t fair when everyone doesn’t get a Golden Globe trophy.

But the darkest cloud of all was cast by Meryl Streep as she accepted the lifetime achievement award she earned a hundred times over as the crown jewel of living actresses. Why was she not celebrating, as Fallon promised? Why was she delivering a bitter diatribe against Donald Trump, as portentously as if she had proclaimed,”Winter Is Coming?”

Who can say? It sure killed the moment, and the evening, for this movie fan.