Alex Trebek Raps Kanye West, Drake Lyrics on ‘Jeopardy!’ (Video)

Kris Connor/Getty Images

Alex Trebek showed off his rap skills on Monday’s edition of Jeopardy! by reciting lyrics from some of hip-hop’s biggest artists.

As part of the long-running trivia show’s College Championship Semi-Finals episode week, Trebek had contestants guess the artists after he provided the lyrics from the “Let’s Rap, Kids!” category.

Some of the lyrics he sang were from songs like “Famous” by Kanye West, “Started From the Bottom” by Drake, Desiigner’s 2016 hit single “Panda,” and “6 Foot 7 Foot” by Lil Wayne.

“Started from the bottom now we’re here, started from the bottom, now the whole team here,” Trebek sang.

“Who is Drake?” a contestant answered correctly.

“They mad they ain’t famous, they mad they still nameless…but we still hood famous, yeah, we still hood famous,” Trebek rapped.

“Who is Kanye West?” another contested answered.

“Yes, and I hope I don’t get an email from him,” Trebek joked.

“I was just getting into this rap thing,” Trebek said at the end of the entertaining round. “I’m not too good at it, but I was getting into it.”

Footage of the lomgtime game show host reciting lyrics from the “Let’s Rap Kids!” category sent social media into a frenzy.

Rapper Desiigner responded to Trebek rapping his “Panda” lyrics by tweeting a ton of fire and panda emojis.

Trebek has treated his Jeopardy! audience to his musical talents in the past.

In 2014, he rapped lyrics for the “The 1990s Rap Song” category, including songs from the Beastie Boys and MC Hammer.


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