Harvey Weinstein to Fund Progressive Foundation to Combat Trump

Alexander Koerner/Getty Images

Harvey Weinstein says he’s putting his money where his mouth is when it comes to fighting President Donald Trump’s political agenda.

In a wide-ranging interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the Hollywood super-producer and Weinstein Company co-chairman revealed he will unveil a private foundation intended to fund causes to combat Trump.

“We’re going to support [everything] from LGBT to women’s rights, more women directors, the National Endowment of the Arts,” Weinstein told THR of the Miriam Foundation, named after his late mother. “I’m going to finance a lot of it privately.”

In an interview before the election with Fox News, the Oscar-winning producer said that if Trump were to win, the country must “come together,” and added that he had nothing against Trump personally. When Trump won, Weinstein said he hoped to see the new president work with former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton to forge policy and leave behind the “divisiveness” that has plagued the country.

But when asked by THR about his post-election comments in this week’s interview, Weinstein demurred.

“The less said, the better,” he told the outlet.

Weinstein also revealed that he once had a discussion with legendary director Steven Spielberg about producing the Academy Awards together.

“If we could survive each other, we’d do a great job,” Weinstein said, adding that the current Academy producers are “not using technology properly.” He also joked that he would bring back Warren Beatty — who infamously announced the wrong Best Picture winner at this year’s Academy Awards — to present the same award if he were to produce the show.

Weinstein also briefly discussed his studio’s forthcoming project about the life and death of Trayvon Martin, with co-production by music magnate Jay Z. He said the New York rapper looked at the parents and said: ‘I’m responsible if this is no good. I will do whatever it takes because they’re gonna hold me up on this. I’m not gonna let you down, and I’m not gonna let me down.’ End of conversation.”


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