NYT Profile: Meet Hollywood’s Celebrity Pimple Popper Doctor


New York Times reporter Guy Trebay pens a profile of 54-year-old dermatologist to the stars Dr. Peter Kopelson, who treats Hollywoods celebrities’ bumps and blemishes so their faces and bodies can appear flawless under the glare of the harsh lights.

From the New York Times:

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. — The movie star had a pimple.

It was on the flange of a nostril on the right side of his face. Most every ordinary person has, of course, awakened at some time to an angry and embarrassing eruption. But the movie star was no ordinary person. It was the third week of February. The Oscars were just days away. The actor was to present a big award.

Easy enough for civilians to conceal or suffer, a pimple takes on major proportions when it happens to someone whose image will be scrutinized by 32.9 million viewers under the pitiless gaze of high-definition television.

Thus, the actor found himself one winter afternoon on a padded baby-blue exam table in the sunny offices of a dermatologist, a syringe filled with lidocaine and cortisone directed toward his nose.

The person wielding the syringe, Dr. Peter Kopelson, 54, is a rumpled bear with pierced ears and whiskered jeans who, although he would not make the claim himself, belongs to a small group of medical professionals responsible for keeping the most recognizable faces on the planet looking always young, or at least, “well rested,” and also pimple free.

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