Netflix Trailer: White Cop Runs over Black Teen in ‘Seven Seconds’


Netflix has released the first visuals for its new crime drama, Seven Seconds, which follows the drama that unfolds after a white New Jersey police officer attempts to cover up the death of a black teen.

“My son laid in the cold, in pain, for hours, and whoever did this is free,” series star Regina King says in the trailer released on Wednesday. “God didn’t run my son down in the street and leave him to die. A man did that.”

Racial tensions erupt with ripped-from-the-headlines protests against police put on screen the kind of white-cop-kills-unarmed-black news narrative that garnered wall-to-wall coverage in recent years.

“A white cop and a black kid? There are no fucking accidents anymore,” one investigator says in the fiery clip.

The 10-episode crime anthology series was created and is executive produced by Veena Sud, whose Netflix series The Killing was nominated for a Primetime Emmy in 2011.

The series also stars Clare-Hope Ashitey, Russell Hornsby, Beau Knapp, and Michael Mosley.

Netflix has certainly asserted its awards season dominance in recent years, scoring Emmys for its star-studded lineup of original programming from House of Cards to Stranger Things to The Crown and Master of None.

Netflix’s Seven Seconds is set to debut on the streamer on February 23.

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