Pop Star Chris Brown Sued by Woman Alleging Sexual Assault at His Home


Pop superstar Chris Brown is facing a lawsuit from a woman who claims she was sexually assaulted by the singer’s friend during a house party at his Los Angeles, California, home, TMZ reports.

“This case arises out of injuries suffered by Plaintiff after she was lured to Brown’s residence and repeatedly sexually assaulted while falsely imprisoned in one of the bedrooms of Brown’s house,” reads the lawsuit, filed at Los Angeles Superior Court on Wednesday.

According to the alleged victim, who filed the suit under the name Jane Doe, she was invited to a party at Brown’s Los Angeles estate, where she had her phone taken away before being lured and locked into a room by a female attendee.

Doe claims the woman then asked her to “hook up” with Brown and his friend Lowell Grissom Jr, and when Doe refused, the woman allegedly “violently grabbed Plaintiff by the throat and forced Plaintiff to perform oral sex on Grissom.”

The suit also alleges that the woman “literally sat on [her] face, using her legs to pin [her] down while forcing [her] to perform oral sex on her.”

“To compound Plaintiff’s horror, Doe X was menstruating at the time. While Doe X was forcing Plaintiff to perform oral sex on her, Grissom molested the lower half of Plaintiff’s body using his mouth and hands,” the suit continues. “Thus, Plaintiff found herself being sexually battered by two people at the same time.”

The lawsuit also claims that the Brown, who himself has been convicted on charges of domestic violence against his former girlfriend Rihanna, was also in possession of alcohol and drugs, including cocaine, ecstasy, and marijuana.

The alleged victim has hired high-profile attorney Gloria Allred, who has represented women in dozens of high-level sexual assault cases, as her defense lawyer.

“This is one of the most horrific cases involving alleged sexual assaults that I have ever seen, and our client, Jane Doe, has been severely traumatized by what she was forced to suffer,” Allred told TheWrap in a statement.

“She filed this lawsuit because she wants justice for herself, but she also wants to warn other young women about the potential danger to themselves if they have their phone taken away and if they go to Chris Brown’s house,” she continued.

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