Correction Request: Alexandria Echo Press

UPDATE: The Alexandria Echo Press updated this post to correct the highlighted sentence.

echo press

In Al Edenloff’s article, “Former aide to Ingebrigtsen charged in bugging of U.S. Senator” of January 29th, 2010, the author repeats a claim that Joseph Basel along with James O’Keefe and two others were involved in a plot to bug the offices of Sen. Mary Landrieu. Aside from the title, the following sentence appears in the sub-heading and in the body of the article:

A former aide to State Senator Bill Ingebrigtsen, R-Alexandria, is implicated in a plot to bug the offices of U.S. Democratic Senator Mary Landrieu in New Orleans.

There are no allegations of any bugging plot in the FBI affidavit, and a law enforcement official has conceded that the four men were not attempting to wiretap or intercept calls. Furthermore, legal representation for the accused has gone on record stating there were no intentions to bug phones in the Senator’s office.

We kindly ask you to issue a correction/retraction to the story.

We have been/will be making similar requests of other news sources to correct similar errors. Some, such as the Washington Post, MSNBC’s David Shuster, Talking Points Memo, and CBS News already have posted corrections or retractions.