What Was So Bad About Helen Thomas? The MSM Does the Same Thing Every Day

Helen Thomas, the liberal harpy bestowed with legendary status by virtue of outliving her contemporaries, has finally been forced from her seat in the front row of the White House briefing room. Thomas’s odious comments sparked an outcry in the U.S., as well they should, but the media should spare us their outrage.

Thomas’s comments are indistinguishable from the pus spewed by members of the aid flotilla and their Hamas compatriots. The “peace activists” on the aid flotilla told the Israelis to “Go back to Auschwitz.” Yet the media portray the aid flotilla as a group of humanitarians seeking to deliver relief to distressed Palestinians, and the Israelis as bloodthirsty butchers. Thomas’s comment, horrible and reprehensible as it is, is the natural child of utter historical ignorance and the media’s continual focus on the supposed evils of the Israelis and lamb-like suffering of the Palestinians.


The Palestinians certainly suffer, but most of their suffering is the result of Hamas’s insistence on killing civilians within Israel. If terrorists wouldn’t cross over into Israel, there would be no need for a fence. Egypt also fears Hamas, and also prevents Gaza residents from entering Egypt. (“Israel consistently alleged that Iranian and other weapons were being smuggled into Gaza through a series of tunnels, and with Egypt maintained tight control on the enclaves borders,” Hamas, Council on Foreign Relations.) The Israelis take extreme measures to avoid killing civilians.

Hamas, on the other hand, happily murders women and children and is responsible for the deaths of more than 500 people in 350 separate terrorist attacks. CBS reports:

Israel’s international image had already taken a beating from allegations that it committed war crimes during its 2008-2009 winter war in Gaza, and from widespread global opposition to the blockade. Hamas was also accused of rights violations in that conflict.

car bombs

Over at the New York Times, Hamas is described as a “militant” group, “peace activists” are given ample space to bewail their innocence, and Israel is suggested to be in violation of international law. Israel’s contention that their commandos were attacked first is given a throwaway line. In short, the Times article makes it clear that all right-thinking people should be appalled by Israel’s actions and by its blockade of Gaza.

Many members of the media profess shock at Thomas’s remark that the Israelis should go back to Poland and Germany. Yet by supporting Hamas’s amphibious auxiliary, they are aligning themselves with people who endorse Thomas’s views. Why not show some consistency, guys?