Obama Hosts Leftist Bloggers with Issues

In what some might characterize as an act of desperation to stir up his base for voting purposes, Barack Obama, presumably the most powerful individual in the free world, opened the Oval Office to a bevy of leftist bloggers, ones who we’re told have serious issues.

The invitees fall more under the rubric of ideological or issue-oriented activists as opposed to online reporters, though the names are familiar to most political junkies. An administration official confirmed that Joe Sudbay of AMERICABlog; Duncan Black (“Atrios”), who runs the site Eschaton; Barbara Morrill, who writes for the DailyKos; Jon Amato, who is the founder of Crooks and Liars; and Oliver Willis, who runs an eponymous site, spoke with the president on Wednesday.

Amato, of Crooks and Liars infamy, did acknowledge some “issues,” while lashing out at White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs in an excerpt from a previously released video.

[youtube Z4uvrbO-NbU nolink]

Barbara Morrill’s issues, along with some insisting she is actually Barbara Morris, not Morrill, without providing proof, seem to be with defining herself and her role at DailyKos. Morrill, aka BarbinMD, was named Associate Editor in February of 2009 allowing for LithiumCola to move up from Contributing Editor to Featured Writer. LithiumCola has not yet been reached for comment.

On May 14, 2010, BarbinMD changed her username to her alleged real name, not so for Contributing Editor, Angry Mouse. It’s unclear why Angry Mouse was not invited to the Oval Office meeting, though recent reports of an issue with rats in the White House may have had something to do with it.

Democratic political consultant Joe Sudbay’s main issue appears to be subverting the Constitution, particularly the Second Amendment, by depriving American citizens of the right to own guns, given his gun control activism and previous staff positions with the Violence Policy Center and Handgun Control, Inc.

Duncan (Atrios) Black’s main issue seems to be his long-standing inability to distingush truth from fiction, which shouldn’t be surprising for the David Brock protege and Media Matters-linked blogger from Philadelphia.

As for Oliver Willis’s issue, feel free to browse around his site and find one yourself! Certainly anyone counted among the Soros-funded hacks in the “Research Department at Media Matters for America must have plenty to discuss with, to borrow an expression from the Soros-funded hacks at NPR, “his psychiatrist.”

This story seems to still be evolving, as are, as a result of the conference, Obama’s views on gay marriage all of a sudden, according to reports (few of which are as entertaining as is Iowahawk’s).

bloggersLeft to right: Joe Sudbay of AMERICABlog, Barbara Morrill (aka BarbinMD) from DailyKos, John Amato from Crooks & Liars, Oliver Willis from OliverWillis.com, and Duncan Black aka “Atrios” from eschatonblog.