Alternet's Racist Tirade Against Herman Cain: "Black Garbage Pail Kid," "Monkey" – CORE Condemns

Progressive website Alternet yesterday published a piece which called presidential contender Herman Cain a “black garbage pail kid,” “monkey,” and other slurs:

As you know, I find black garbage pail kids black conservatives fascinating not because of what they believe, but rather because of how they entertain and perform for their White Conservative masters.


We always need a monkey in the window, for he/she reminds us of our humanity while simultaneously reinforcing a sense of our own superiority. Sadly, there are always folks who are willing to play that role because it pays so well.


Herman Cain-an ironic name if ever, and one more suited to a tragic figure in a Harlem Renaissance era novella-is not “blackening twice” as some race minstrels chose to do.


Herman Cain’s shtick is a version of race minstrelsy where he performs “authentic negritude” as wish fulfillment for White Conservative fantasies.

Alternet describes its mission as such:

AlterNet’s aim is to inspire action and advocacy on the environment, human rights and civil liberties, social justice, media, health care issues, and more.


We emphasize workable solutions to persistent social problems.

Is the story excerpted below part of Alternet’s “human rights” advocacy? Racial slurs? Is this what passes as “original journalism” from the “award-winning” Alternet?

So because the author, who isn’t brave enough to drop the pseudonym, disagrees with Cain politically, that gives him the right to call Cain a “black garbage pail kid” and a “monkey?”

One of the most ironic graphs, considering the last sentence:

Let’s consider the routine. First, Cain enters the stage to Motown music. Then Cain feigns swimming after rolling up his sleeves to show them his black skin and how he is a hardworking negro (not like those other ones). Cain bellows in a preacher affected voice and channels the folksy negro down home accent of his late grandpappy. In the money shot, Cain gives the obligatory “black folks who are not Republicans are on the plantation” speech to the joyous applause of his White benefactors. And he doubles down by legitimating any opposition to President Barack Obama as virtuous and patriotic regardless of the bigoted well-springs from which it may flow.

The irony, of that last sentence. So let me get this right – when black Americans aren’t Democrats they’re taking part in a “minstrel show?” The author is “concerned” enough about black Americans to make a case against their conservatism but not so much to address them with any semblance of respect.

No, the author doesn’t at all take into consideration Cain’s individuality; in their sloppy logic they shows their cards: all black people must be Democrats thus, if Cain isn’t a Democrat, then he’s a captive conservative. The author insults Cain’s free will and shows once again exactly what progressives think of black Americans: pawns that must be told what to believe. Humans who lack the cognitive ability to make valid choices. Black Americans couldn’t – Cain couldn’t – possibly come to the realization of their conservatism alone! They must have been brainwashed! Because progressives don’t believe that black conservatives possess the ability to make such rational arguments, they, the progressives, must “save” them. And again, progressives insult black conservatives by insisting that they are victims of stupidity.

This is progressive compassion? The complete lack of regard for the beliefs and freedoms of black Americans? Alternet succeeded in showcasing a possible reason for Cain’s conservative beliefs with such an inane display of racist-fueled illogic. With such friends to black America as these, who needs enemies? Is this “New Tone?”

Niger Innis, the spokesman with the Congress of Racial Equality, took exception to the Alternet piece in a written statement:

February 14th, 2011

By, Niger Innis

National Spokesman

Congress of Racial Equality (CORE)

I had the distinct honor of introducing Herman Cain at this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) on Friday, February 11, 2011. Following Mr. Cain’s speech, AlterNet, a self-described “progressive” Web site, published undoubtedly racist and inarguably offensive commentary dripping with incendiary name-calling and race-baiting of Herman Cain and black conservatives.

I call on AlterNet to immediately withdraw and issue a public condemnation of this vitriolic content appearing in their online publication. AlterNet’s mission statement boasts that it is a medium that transcends traditional journalism and is, instead, intended to “emphasize workable solutions to persistent social problems.” AlterNet also asserts that their content “underscores a commitment to fairness, equality and global stewardship,” and such virtues are in direct contradiction to the deplorable and irresponsible commentary they have allowed to be published.

It is particularly ironic after calls for civility in political discourse, by many in the media, that they would, through their inaction, encourage such socially reckless and racially insensitive material on a prominent leftwing publication.

At the heart of the fight for civil rights is the dignity of the rights of the individual. It is universally understood by all that to say “all blacks look alike” is racist. How sad it is that the mentality at AlterNet that led to this offensive commentary — “ALL BLACKS BETTER THINK ALIKE”– is not recognized to be as racist among Left-Wing racist cabals.

If AlterNet proclaims to champion civil rights, it will act immediately to rectify this situation and issue a public apology to those offended by their article.


Niger Innis

National Spokesman

Congress of Racial Equality

Big Journalism joins Innis in demanding that Alternet condemn this piece and issue Herman Cain an apology.