Retarded Leftist Projection: The Dark Soul of Collectivism

A queer rhetorical and ideological alliance is found recently between President Obama and Joe Guzzardi, a senior writing fellow for Californians for Population Stabilization (CAPS) and a prominent contributor to, which Leftists have denounced as a “White Supremacist/hate group” website.

Mr. Guzzardi writes:

population control [is] the ultimate green practice. As long as the most environmentally enlightened Americans ignore the relationship between population growth and environmental sustainability, then America will lose the green fight. In the 1970s, reducing population was so mainstream that biologist and Stanford University Professor Paul Ehrlich regularly appeared on the Johnny Carson Show as an advocate. Today, it’s rarely mentioned…

[A] solution to slowing America’s population… advocate for limiting family size. Having two or more children is not an obligation.

In a stunning display, Mr. Obama echoes Guzzardi’s “solution” in a recent town hall appearance. During the question-and-answer, Mr. Obama singled out for Alinsky-ridicule at least two attendees for their dissent in driving “Big SUV/Monster Trucks,” and having too many kids:

[youtube EvS92OETHvg nolink]

Obama has also championed abortion and callously mocked the Special Olympics and “water heads.”

The Urban Dictionary defines “water head” as “a person with mental health problems, i.e. downs syndrome, or retard.”

Paul Erlich’s Malthusian indoctrination, taxpayer-funded Planned Parenthood’s Margaret Sanger’s targeting of the “feeble-minded,” or maybe even daddy issues, during these men’s formative years likely explains their eugenicist synergy.

Coincidentally arises the vile “humor” of Jack Steuf at Wonkette, a website that is to internet satire as Westboro Baptist is to churches.

Stuef targeted for ridicule three-year-old Trig Palin — whose mother, Sarah, is a political enemy of Stuef and Obama. Stuef called Trig “retarded,” “born somewhat alive,” and incapable of dreaming. Wonkette is now reaping the moral and financial consequences of the Stuef publication.

While the term “retarded” itself is not a cause for offense, as pointed out by K. J. Adan in her Open Letter to Jack Stuef, his assertion that retarded people cannot dream is an unwitting admission of ignorance. Adan points out, “The new politically correct term is ‘mentally challenged’ or ‘intellectually disabled’, but mentally retarded is a correct way to describe [her brother],” so “The issue is that you don’t know what retarded people can and can’t do.”

Stuef “apologized” on his blog, apparently in shame for the use of a non-PC term, but not the degrading things he said about a Down Syndrome toddler, his family who loves him, or the images he used before Adan’s post went up. He later sent a tweet of thanks for her perspective, so an outreach for understanding at least made his radar.

Why Leftists feel compelled to dehumanize their fellow man in order to make political hay is easily explained. They need control over others to perpetuate their anti-humanitarian ideology. An ideology whose own intellectual disability agitates for, and all too often has achieved the prior restraint of centralized population control, economic control, even thought control (i.e., Political Correctness “hate crime”).

As much as Leftists covet other people’s money, they seem to detest other people’s children — unless of course those children can be exploited as political props; human shield victim-mascots used in pursuit of narcissistic political ends.

Although many Leftists detest children altogether, those who do have children of their own proudly hold them up as an example of the proper family. The Obamas have their two, and that fits into the Leftist paradigm of the intellectually responsible family. Obama, Erlich, Sanger, Stuef et al. ridicule and denounce the natural family — which may or may not include the intellectually disabled — as irresponsible.

One can read the subtext plainly. Smart (i.e., socially conscious) people ought to perpetuate their genes, while the stupid (bitter clingers to guns, God, and individual Liberty) ought to be limited. Genetic diversity is forsaken for the leftist code word “diversity,” which means “You idiots wouldn’t know a balsamic reduction if it dripped on your can of Bud.”

History proves how truly evil governments must be to limit genetic diversity.

And, as per Greg Gutfeld, if you disagree with them, you’re fair game to be demonized as “unsustainable,” “retards,” or worse… aborted before ever having the chance to learn about and fight against Leftism’s retarded, bankrupt, anti-humanitarian creed.