L.A. Times Sees Michelle Obama as 'Uppity Negro'

Christopher Knight writes for the “Culture Monster” a column over at “The Incredibly Shrinking L.A. Times,” and guess what our progressive friend sees when he looks at this innocuous and obvious political cartoon of First Lady Michelle Obama:

Believe it or not, Mr. Knight sees an “uppity Negro.” Those aren’t my words, those are his:

The caricature of Obama as a profligate queen relies on the racist stereotype of an “uppity Negro[.]”

Who other than someone with their own disturbing prejudices would look at that obvious piece of political satire hitting the First lady up for her excessive and lavish vacationing and think “uppity Negro”?

Naturally, though, like all bigoted leftists, Knight attempts to project his own troubling racial issues on others:

The racist image appeared Tuesday on the right-wing blog Gateway Pundit; the slur was later called out by Media Matters for America. A post by Gateway blogger Jim Hoft paired the picture with a clip of the first lady’s guest appearance on a forthcoming episode of “iCarly,” a Nickelodeon sit-com…

The doctored painting also turned up in August 2010 on the right-wing Instapundit website, where it apparently originated.

Sorry, Mr, Knight, the only one flying the flag of bigotry here is you.

You have issues, sir, and projecting those issues on others isn’t going to help. First you must admit you have a problem, then you’ll find that a little soul searching goes along way.