The Media Blasts Republicans While Obama Destroys Nation

The Shell Game is in full swing.

Watch closely; the hands move quickly and it takes a sharp mind, quick eyes and cat-like instincts to keep up with all the movement going on right in front of us.

Much has been written and will still be written about the way the media is covering the Republican candidates, but while that is going on, Barack Obama is destroying the US military and trashing our Constitution … and who knows what else?

The media has eyes wide shut and can only tell us Mitt Romney is unacceptable and Rick Santorum is un-electable. But skip that for now; there are actually much larger issues.

While the world gets more dangerous under his watch, Obama is cutting defense spending by half a trillion dollars over the next 10 years. Oh, the Activist Old Media may give it a passing mention and may even show Obama’s soundbites while saying he is acting in ours, and the worlds, best interest, but if you blink you will miss where the shell is hidden. Obama is now officially more dangerous than Jimmy Carter, and Carter gave us the first “Arab Spring.”

Dear Leader steps to the table to begin his tricks. “Watch this cup—it says ‘I killed bin Laden,’ while I slipped the shell under this cup that says I’ll cut US troops by half a million. Didn’t see that, did ya folks? I’m taking a bite out of crime … wait, there’s Newt over there, what’s he saying? Look, over there, it one of my Predator Drones!”

Watch, there’s David Letterman over there saying, “You know that Mitt Romney, he’s one boating mishap away from being Robert Wagner, you know what I mean?” (He really said that). No Dave, we don’t know what you mean; we just know you’re a loonie leftist, you’re not funny, and you will try to destroy any Republican who may challenge your Dear Leader. Shell Game.

What has happened with the recent recess appointments to reward Obama’s union thugs is worthy of a lead story for nights on end, but it barely gets a peep from the Activist Old Media. Jonah Goldberg rightly calls it “An Imperial Sham.” While he goes after Harry Reid and Obama, his brutal prose is probably too kind. Meanwhile, the Democrat’s Media Arm spends more time wondering where Rick Perry will go jogging next. Quick, look over there!

Simply put, Article 1 of the Constitution says that Congress sets its schedule. If they say they are not in recess, then they are not in recess and the president cannot make recess appointments. Another point, the three chosen for the Labor Relations Board have never had a hearing before Congress, so they have never been given thumbs up or down by Congress, as required. Supreme Leader just put them in in defiance of our Constitution. We have never seen this in our history. Never. This is an illegal, un-Constitutional Shell Game we are watching. An attorney from the ACLU told Fox News that Obama has “shredded” the Constitution. But that was on Fox News. When will the rest of the media notice what happened here? Look under that cup; Casey Anthony has a new video on YouYube!

Some have stepped to the plate and acknowledged how Obama and Reid’s actions are unconstitutional, but they’ll be on it for a day, then throw it back like a two-inch trout. Where are the Junk Yard Dogs? What happened to that same media that went after George W. Bush for four years over Valerie Plame? Flameout. What cups are Solyndra and Fast and Furious hiding under now?

Oh, the 2012 Carnival is in full swing and Obama knows it. This is his time, his chance to get away with virtually anything he wants while his media are off serving Republicans on a platter.

There is an answer to this. I am calling on every Republican candidate to stop pointing their guns at each other and go squarely after this White House for what is happening right now. Since they are the only ones being covered, they can force the media to cover Obama’s actions because those are the only sound bites they’ll give them. Otherwise, they will aid and perpetuate the media Shell Game going on right now. These guys are all smart enough to know how to turn the questions around. When ABC tries to ask what they think about what Newt said in the ’90s or what Mitt talked about in the ’80s or what Paul had in a newsletter in the ’70s, they must turn them on their ear and tell them Obama tried to destroy the military and the Constitution this week. This week!

He’s coming back under the Big Top now and stepping up to the table again, “Quick, look over there, I need another $1.2 trillion dollars. Move fast, they’ll never notice!”

The hands will only move faster as we get closer to Nov. 6th.