MSNBC Continues to Spin Governor Romney's Words Despite Knowing the Truth

When a person, especially a non-Progressive, says something controversial, it’s usually wise to look at the entire speech, segment, etc. The Old Media loves to take our words out of context and use them against us. They’re pros at it. Governor Mitt Romney is their newest victim. Governor Romney said he liked to fire people. Taken out of context, that sounds exactly like how the Old Media paints Republicans: greedy, selfish, and slimy. But, of course, it was taken out of context.

Yesterday morning, Twitter was going bonkers over a comment made by Governor Romney. I was pointed to The Boston Herald (h/t to SmoosieQ). This is the first example of the Old Media spinning Governor Romney’s words. The author, Hillary Chabot, does put the whole quote in, but it’s halfway through and extremely brief.

The Old Media knows exactly what Governor Romney said and knows he did not mean it that way. Funny thing is, they admit it but continue to spin his words and, if on TV, allow their guests to continue to spin Governor Romney. (h/t to KatiePavlich)

[youtube zxkiwR_gYRE]

Andrea Mitchell tells Debbie Wasserman Schultz that Governor Romney meant it’s a wonderful thing to have a choice when it comes to services. She tells her this. But no, Ms. Wasserman Schultz either has no listening comprehension skills or purposely takes his words out of context.

It doesn’t end there. Ms. Wasserman Schultz shows up on Lawrence O’Donnell’s show The Last Word along with Chris Matthews and Chuck Todd. She is, again, allowed to spill out her obvious spin of Governor Romney’s words. Chris Matthews has an interesting reaction. He claims Governor Romney is giving blurbs to the other candidates and they are supplying the Democrats with talking points for next fall. So, in other words, he knows President Obama’s campaign will take Governor Romney’s words out of context and use them against him. Mr. Matthews says, though, it will be credible because these talking points are coming from Republicans. So, since the other GOP candidates are taking Governor Romney’s words out of context, the Democrats can do the same? Since when did two wrongs make a right?

Next is Chuck Todd. Mr. O’Donnell shows him Senator Santorum’s appearance on Hannity. Senator Santorum takes the high road and won’t say anything about Governor Romney’s speech (I refuse to call it a gaffe — It was NOT a gaffe). Mr. Todd thinks he won’t say anything because Speaker Gingrich is doing the dirty work. It doesn’t dawn on Mr. Todd or Mr. O’Donnell that Senator Santorum didn’t say anything because there was nothing to say? Senator Santorum kept Governor Romney’s words IN context and therefore left him with nothing to comment on.

What amazes me is they know the truth. They know it! They SAY IT! Yet they continue to lie. No bias here folks. None at all.