NBC Begins Its War on Romney and Mormons

To NBC, I am “controversial” because I am a Mormon.

Politics and religion, it’s all fair game right now for the Activist Old Media. Mitt Romney is not even the Republican nominee, and the battles are well underway.

Of course, forget the fact that much of the “vetting” of Romney was done during the 2008 campaign, there will be no stone left un-turned in 2012. The same media that still won’t travel to the south side of Chicago to give us an accurate history on Barack Obama’s time there, has now made it clear they will travel outside the country and do whatever they have to to dig up any perceived “dirt” on Romney.

NBC’s Rock Center story on the “Romney’s of Mexico” is such an example. They found no real dirt, just a 2nd cousin (yes, a 2nd cousin) of Mitt’s working hard, leaving a solid life, helping others in a community across the border founded in 1885 by a Romney great-grandfather. As pointed out in the story, “they don’t know Mitt and Mitt…. [doesn’t] know them.” So what’s the point of the story? I guess the only point of the story was to try to somehow trap Mitt on illegal immigration and give the impression that he’s hiding something. Both ridiculous, but this is NBC we’re talking about here, nothing is too ridiculous.

Since they could find no dirt (other than that kicked up by the horses on the ranch) they could only give the impression throughout the story that Romney had something to hide. “Mitt has said or written almost nothing about them over the years.” They also said this is a part of Mitt Romney’s history that he has “publicly ignored.” What? Mitt has “ignored” his 2nd cousin in Mexico? I’m guessing it’s because the family is doing just fine and nobody has ever asked him about them. Better find a great aunt’s neighbor in Canada that Romney has “ignored” for Part Two next Monday night.

Since we’re talking about extended family here, we’re still waiting for NBC to do an expose on Barack Obama’s aunt Zeituni who is here in this country illegally and his brother who is not allowed a visa to Great Britain because he’s listed as a sex offender there. What would they find if they started looking at 2nd cousins? But, we all know that’ll never happen. The Activist Old Media will say that Obama has already been vetted, although he hasn’t and they have no desire to ever do so. I guess family is fair game now (but only for the possible Republican nominee.) The UK Telegraph found a brother in a hut in Kenya, perhaps NBC is saving that story for the February Ratings period.

But forget that foolishness, here’s the line in the story that really got me.

“But it’s the Romney family’s roots in the Mormon religion that remain controversial in Mexico as well as in the US.”

Great, now you are “controversial” just by being a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. They were not talking about polygamy here, they deemed it “controversial” just to be LDS. Count me in, I’m a lifelong Mormon and now I’m “controversial” right along with Mitt Romney and millions of others around the globe. NBC then did the predictable and quoted a Catholic Priest and Christian minister saying Mormons are not Christians. Bla bla bla bla….been there, heard that. We will be told over and over again that evangelicals won’t vote for Mormons because the media says it is so and that is their template.

Listen NBC and the rest of you in the Activist Old Media, members of the LDS Church have been through this, and much more. In this nation, founded on freedom of religion, how Mormons were treated is one of the true dark parts of our history. I’m not going to dwell on it here, but Americans being murdered, tortured, driven from state to state, having its leadership murdered, and then ordered exterminated; all based on religious preference, is as ugly as it gets. It happened. I hope I’m wrong, but I’m sensing if Romney gets the nomination there will be an Electronic Tar and Feathering this time. Since Mormons are “controversial,” a groundwork for persecution is being laid here by NBC.

Recent violence has happened. Mormon and Catholic churches were vandalized when they united to stop Proposition 8 in California. That was 2008, not the mid 1800’s when the previously mentioned violence occurred.

The same media that demands tolerance towards religions they deem persecuted, will lay the groundwork towards distrust of Mormons if it means they can keep their Dear Leader in the White House. Yes they will. I have spent 30 years working in the media, I know how important this is to them and the long knives are already out and anything and everything will be fair game.

It is happening. NBC has already said I’m “controversial” because of my choice of religion.