Snapshot of PolitFact's Front-Page Priorities: 18 Republicans Fact-Checked, 1 Democrat

This screen shot was taken just a few minutes ago, and it is a breathtaking (even for the left-wing PolitiFact) example of what a horribly biased outlet PolitiFact is. In the past, I’ve written about Poltifact’s bias and even grabbed a screen shot to make my point, but this is truly something to behold:

As of this writing, there are 18 Republican politicians and only one Democrat being fact-checked on PolitiFact’s front page. And that one Democrat is waaaaay down at the very bottom:


To believe PolitiFact’s front page is just an accident and not a weapon intentionally designed to smear our field as a bunch of liars, you would have to believe that the day after the New Hampshire primary not a single Democrat politician was on MSNBC or CNN or Fox News or a single one of the morning shows saying anything worthy of a fact check.

Well, we all know that’s not the case, and we also know that PolitiFact is just another Obama Palace Guard in sheep’s clothing.