Soros-Funded Media Matters For America Purposefully Omits Full Perry Quote

Media Matters is famous for being a “core institution” of the Democrat party and a staunch defender of the slur “Israel-firster,” thus it’s no surprise that they lack the ethics to fully and accurately quote Governor Rick Perry in his quote on the Marines and the Taliban:

MMfA, who spend more time obsessing over Big Journalism’s Dana Loesch, have devoted more print, time, and research to Loesch than to Fast and Furious. Seriously! They have pretty much the exact same number of entries on their search results, and all of their Fast and Furious articles are defending it and Holder.

Perry’s full quote is actually this:

“These kids made a mistake, there’s not any doubt about it,” he said. “[They] shouldn’t have done it, it’s bad — but to call it a criminal act, I think is over the top.”

This is virtually the same thing that Loesch has said, in a week’s worth of radio broadcasts on the subject, before and after the controversy hit. During her January 11th broadcast, Loesch discussed how the Marines would be brought up with UCMJ. Media Matters doesn’t want you to know that because they have been gunning to get her off of CNN because they believe that CNN should be a progressives-only outlet. Media Matters wants to institute a fascist-style of broadcasting, wherein only progressives are allowed on the airwaves. Media Matters has repeatedly targeted respectable news outlets with their insipid, Van Jones-type attacks, only to fail.

Why does Media Matters devote so much time to Bigs associates? Because Breitbart, Inc. has a greater influence than the Soros propagandist outfit ever will, and they see the well-balanced voices on certain networks as a threat to their domination of the airwaves. Media Matters is universally shunned on broadcast media, which is why you never hear of them anywhere, save for MSNBC, who are consistently dropping in the ratings. Their business strategy of solid progressive offerings appeals to only a small fraction of the populace who believe in suppression of free and diverse thought.

The biggest threat to Media Matters is diversity. No wonder even the Girl Scouts dropped them.