Monday Crib Sheet: Newsweek Just Gives Up, Brit Hume On The Marines

– How many times can Newsweek insult readers before they leave? Have you picked up a Newsweek lately? I flipped through one while in line at the gas station and was shocked to see how anemic it has become: it’s printed on a cheap, matte, flimsy stock, 1/3 of the pages of its heyday, and filled mostly with ads. Know why? Because of idiocy like this:

The above is what the cover looks like while wearing the media equivalent of beer goggles. Take them off.

Apparently Tina Brown was too busy playing paper dolls with Diana Spencer photos in Photoshop to actually put out a magazine this week. It’s obvious that they just completely stopped giving any sort of damn.

Red State is hosting a Photoshop contest for the above.

Brit Hume challenges claim US Marines urinating on dead Taliban is ‘despicable’:

I can’t wait to see progressives freak out over Hume.

Huffington Post Twitter account hacked, #stuffyouonlyhearprogressivessay ensues.

CBS exposes Obama’s version of venture capitalism.