Tuesday Crib Sheet: Komrade Kommuniqué, Conservatives In MSM

South Carolina newspaper endorses Huntsman the same day news breaks that he planned to drop out and endorse Romney.

– Wherein RT/ Russia Today / Komrade Kommuniqué doesn’t deny that they are financed and controlled by the Kremlin. They also don’t deny that they made up quotes and attributed them to Dana Loesch. Also, Everything Loesch Tweets becomes their headline news. I love the Internet. I also love that Big Journalism ceremoniously spanked their entire network in one post.

[youtube _KbQVtFU-4s nolink]

(And also, they were attacked not because they linked to audio taken of her show, but because they misrepresented her remarks. Please note that Prime Minister Putin did not sanction Komrade Kommuniqué to inform you of that.)

– Litigious bullies Righthaven slammed in court, again.

– ICYDK: No, MMfA has not written about Bill Maher and his comments on the Marines. They’re hoping this all blows over before you notice.


CNN touts itself as the one network without a dog in any ideological fight. But in the current media climate, where commentary is king, the center is a hard place to win ratings. Despite growth in 2011, CNN remains in third placebehind the other two networks for primetime, in part because CNN can’t be relied upon to consistently satisfy conservative or liberal appetites. CNN’s response to that challenge has been to go wide rather than long, hiring voices from farther afield on the ideological spectrum rather than building up a team of independent analysts to run a conversation down the middle.

Loesch was clearly highlighting the absurdity of the response to the Marines, which is why, after her remark, she asked, “is that harsh to say?!” as a furious response to those calling for the heads of the four Marines. Of course, this is consistently omitted. CNN has done a lot of shifting to present viewers with diverse thought and their strategy is causing many folks to reconsider the network when they once flipped past it. To be honest, I didn’t start watching the network until Erick Erickson announced that he was joining and I began tuning in regularly when the network announced the hiring of Loesch and Will Cain. Further honesty: I wanted to see how the network went to town on them, whether or not they were brought in just to serve as scratching posts and token conservatives, but I was surprised, pleasantly so. Such was the diverse thought that I watched each of the CNN debates (only one of Fox’s, which was last night’s) and during the caucuses and recent primary, kept it on CNN. Granted, my mind isn’t completely made up on CNN but I feel that they’ve been making some genuine moves to increase the scope of their audience. I hope conservatives support that and I also hope that conservatives recognize that the network has consistently stood by Erickson and Loesch throughout the regular tantrums from MSNBC sympathizers like Media Matters and Mediaite.

MSNBC: Romney giving that woman cash was racist! Huh. I thought it was just called “being nice and helping.”

More MSNBC: South Carolina hate Obama because he’s black. Er, explain Tim Scott?

Bret Baier challenges Gingrich on his use of media attacks.

Why is Andrew Sullivan so dumb?

– “What those Marines did was wrong. But the media’s delight in blowing up the story has been the real crime.” via