Politico, MSNBC Team Up to Champion Stephen Colbert's Attack on Free Political Speech

One thing I do respect about MSNBC is that unlike the rest of the mainstream media, even during the network’s so-called straight news segments, MSNBC doesn’t even try to hide its agenda. If only the equally left-wing Politico had the same integrity. For starters, it might help their traffic numbers. Both outlets are in bed together, though, but only one has come out of the closet. They still make a good tag-team for Obama. No question about it.

Below is a segment where MSNBC host Alex Wagner moderates and Politico’s Maggie Haberman participates in a mostly one-sided roundtable discussion about the “great” work Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert are doing to make the case against free political speech for everyone but them. The clip is longish but illuminating in a number of ways:


As I wrote in my piece last week, the reason outlets like Politico and millionaires like Stephen Colbert hate Super PACS is because they believe that only corporations like Politico and millionaires like Stephen Colbert should enjoy unlimited political speech. Once you eliminate Super PACs, then leftist outlets like Politico and leftist partisans like Colbert will enjoy a lot less competition for the all-important 2012 election narrative.

Politico and Colbert both know that the whoever owns the narrative wins the election, and they intend to win the election for Obama.

Another fascinating part of the segment is how Wagner makes no secret of the fact that Tina Fey’s impersonation of Sarah Palin helped to define the Governor in Obama’s favor during the ’08 campaign. Wagner completely misses the irony, though. To whatever degree Fey was effective, that effectiveness did not come from “Saturday Night Live,” a show that only draws somewhere around 10 million viewers.

The Fey impersonation became a part of our popular culture through — you guessed it — the mainstream media viralizing, amplifying and broadcasting any and all “satire” clips damaging to our side throughout all of the ’08 election. And as you can see from Wagner’s comments today, the media knows exactly what it’s doing when it uses left-wing comedians in this way, and they’re proud of it.