Wednesday Crib Sheet: Will Media Notice Romney Oppo Book?

John McCain’s Romney oppo file makes its way to the Internet. Will the media now begin to talk about some of the troubling things in Romney’s record, or will they “Obama him” and allow a candidate to skate through the primary with little vetting — except what the candidates can push through before they’re jumped on and called “mean?” The media doesn’t want to vet Romney now; they’re holding their fire in the event he becomes the nominee, after which they will unload.

New media turns on Hollywood with SOPA.

HuffPo is planning an online news network. Dramatic air quotes for “news.”

According to ForbesJeff Bercovici, HuffPost is following in the footsteps of the Wall Street Journal, and launching a live online news channel, possibly called the Huffington Post Streaming Network, or HSPN for short.

George Soros funds RW opposition:

For the second time in a session that is only weeks old, Indiana House Democrats refused to show up for work on Tuesday, effectively delaying the passage of right-to-work legislation. The first delay was a three-day boycott that finished with Democrats coming back to the table to continue other legislative business. House Republicans expected to have a vote on the contentious right to-work bill after Democrat leader B. Patrick Bauer (known for vainly sporting a toupee) made public and private promises that his caucus would show up and participate in the legislative process …

… Leading the way among those providing intellectual firepower and talking points for pro-union right to-work opponents is the Economic Policy Institute. EPI, a D.C. based think-tank that specializes in state-based research, has released a steady stream of information and research allegedly debunking the benefits of the reform and calling on Indiana policymakers to bend to union demands by killing the legislation.

EPI has been successful in influencing the debate in Indiana. Their work has been mentioned in news reports.

But make no mistake – there is an agenda behind the research produced by EPI. That agenda is George Soros and another far-left Chicago-based group, The Joyce Foundation.

According to IRS filings (summarized by a third-party here), the Economic Policy Institute received over $6.4 million in funding from the Open Society Institute between 2005 and 2009, the latest year for which documents are available.

– GQ names its “50 Most Powerful People in Washington.” Eric Cantor is #1.