Bravo, Mr. Speaker: Gingrich Unloads on Ann Curry's Race-Baiting

Speaker Gingrich is handling the corrupt MSM’s race-baiting in the exact opposite way John McCain did. Which means he’s doing it right.

Rather than surrender legitimate arguments and be cowed into leaving Obama alone on issues that matter, Gingrich is confronting these media attacks head on, and I for one am currently forgetting all about his misguided Bain attacks as I fall in love all over again.

Oh, you are going to enjoy this:


That is exactly how you take it to NBC, the “Today Show,” and Ann Curry. This biased trio is intentionally and cynically using race in the hopes Gingrich will stop launching what have been every effective attacks against Obama and his failed record. And if you recall, this is exactly the same tactic the MSM used against McCain. Only McCain fell for it and we all know how much good that did him… and America.

Gingrich’s method of dealing with these racial pot-stirrers is to stay on offense by throwing the argument right back in the left’s face by pointing out the failures of liberalism and the left’s current unwillingness to do anything other than further impoverish urban America with a bigger welfare state.

Better still, Gingrich is not backing off the fact that President FailureTeleprompter is The Food Stamp President, and he shouldn’t back off. Facts aren’t racist, no matter how much Obama’s shameless MSM Palace Guards want them to be, and if the MSM wants to keep the food stamp argument alive, the Speaker is apparently more than game to help them along.

The real low blow in this clip, though, is Curry whipping out the Confederate flag as though that has anything to do with anything. All she’s doing is stoking racial division, fear, and animosity to smear the Speaker and the GOP.

Every time the corrupt media brings up his ex-wife or personal life, Gingrich should do exactly what he just did here: throw right back at them how they refused to look into Obama’s background and how they’re just using salacious gossip litigated over fifteen years ago as a way to avoid talking about Obama’s failed record as president.

I’ve said from day one that I’m voting for the guy or gal who knows how to deal with the MSM, and this clip makes me giddy.

Who’s the racist, anyway? How about the bigot who automatically equates food stamps to black people? How about the elitist who doesn’t want to discuss empowering the poor with something other than a failed welfare state? How about the cynical race-baiter who uses clips of the Confederate flag for no reason other than to gin people up?

NBC is owned by General Electric. The Chairman and CEO of General Electric is Jeffrey Immelt. Jeffrey Immelt is a supporter of Obama’s and has been appointed to a number of White House boards.

NBC News is the Super PAC of all Super PACs. A multi-national, multi-billion dollar corporation with three networks devoted to seeing Barack Obama reelected.