Fortune.Com Fact-Checks Gingrich Film's Anti-Bain Assertions

Charles C. Johnson recently discussed the facts behind the union boss who led to workers at the Ampad plant in Marion, Indiana losing their jobs. He blamed Randy Johnson, the DNC/MSNBC poster boy, for the layoffs, not Bain Capital and certainly not Mitt Romney, who was on leave from Bain when the strike began.

Now we find that Dan Primack of Fortune has already looked at the three other companies–UniMac, DDI Corp., and KB Toys– profiled by Gingrich’s Super PAC film.

Primack thoroughly eviscerates the anti-Bain argument by pointing to the facts. Primack writes:

We’ve been keeping regular track of claims made about Mitt Romney’s business history over at our Mitt Meter, but today’s video “documentary” from the Gingrich-affiliated Winning Our Future PAC requires its own post. The ominous music, deep-voiced narrator and tales of worker woe were all to be expected. But I also thought that the video would get most of its basic facts correct (and then cover them in innuendo). I was wrong.

The video titled When Mitt Romney Came to Town discusses several Bain Capital companies that eventually went bankrupt or were shut down. What follows is a series of errors…

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*Editor’s note: Dan Primack was earlier identified as being with and not Fortune. We regret the error.