Obama's Favorite SuperPAC, The Activist Old Media

Let’s call it what it is now, folks. The biggest SuperPAC out there right now is the one working overtime to destroy any Republican wh0 might be so bold as want to take on the media’s Dear Leader in the White House.

Stephen Colbert won’t be parodying this SuperPAC, because he can’t make fun of his friends, but there is plenty of material out there he could use.

The Activist Old Media has two very specific goals in mind here, 1) keep the “horse-race” going as long as possible because it will help ratings and revenue, 2) work to damage whomever becomes the GOP winner. Oh, they call it good journalism, or whatever line they want to use, but the facts show otherwise. They have never been this aggressive towards Democrat candidates. The only time they go after a Democrat Presidential candidate to this degree is when he has been so damaged by his own actions that the candidate is finished and they have no other choice, then they pile on to make it look like they’re doing their job. See: John Edwards (hey, didn’t the National Enquirer break those stories?)

Take your pick, Mitt or Newt, the media has the long knives out. Mitt Romney has already been called by some in the media, “one of the wealthiest candidates to ever run for President,” like that is some sort of negative. Let’s see here, I believe Jon Carry (intentional mis-spelling, click the link to remember why) was rather wealthy, in fact, he has four times as much money as Romney and his wealth was not an issue in 2004. Of course, Romney made his money on his own (he donated his inheritance to charity) and Kerry married his billion dollar fortune. To the media, Romney is the bad guy here, Kerry the good guy, and he could not be put on the spot for finding a Heinz flavored Sugar Mama.

Romney has been ripped for donating to his church. 10% of his income, possibly more. Kerry donated 0 dollars to charity on his 2003 tax returns. I guess when you are the media and you are running the Obama SuperPAC you can rip candidates for donating to charity.

Romney has been ripped for paying the required 15% income tax on capital gains, Kerry paid 12%. I don’t recall that being an issue in 2004. BTW, don’t give me this garbage that it matters now because the media says it’s supposed to matter now, they would change the landscape of “what matters now” to whatever they want to fit their needs. They will pull out the class-envy card whenever it needs to be played, and since their candidate is using in now, they will belly-up to the table and unload the entire deck.

With Romney, the media has already stated that his religion will be a major issue and at the same time, Obama’s Media SuperPAC has virtually declared Reverend Wright off-limits. No, they have not vetted this issue already. Of course, now they will say this is old news and they covered it in ’08, when they did not. NBC has yet to air audio of Reverend Wright—I saw them air video briefly once when they referred to some sort of controversy, but the audio is still too damaging to Dear Leader to have NBC put it on air.

The Activist Old Media has already traveled to the Caribbean and Mexico to uncover “dirt” on Romney. ABC sent their “terrorist expert” Brian Ross to go after Romney. It’s fitting that the media would use the same guy to go after Muhammed Al-kaboom and the Republican frontrunner. When you run the SuperPAC, this is war. Oh, while I’m at it, this is the same media who sent 5,000 of their soldiers to Alaska to try to destroy Sarah Palin, but they have yet to find the South Side of Chicago on their maps. Ayers, Alinsky, Rezko, they are all off limits because Obama supposedly has already been vetted. By who? Nikelodeon?

When ABC did a story on Romney’s money that he made last year giving speeches Dianne Sawyer used her high voice (that’s the one that denotes distain, she uses the low voice for Obama and that means respect) and she said “Wow!” after Jonathan Karl tossed it back to her. I guess it’s okay for anchors to give opinions now. Romney made $372K giving speeches. What voice would Sawyer use for Bill Clinton’s $82 million he has made giving speeches over the last 6 years? A foot-note, I’ve been to Romney speeches and Clinton speeches in the last year. I’ll just say the people who hired Bill got ripped off. It was a contest to see who would fall asleep first, me or Clinton.

Newt Gingrich gets the ex-wife treatment. Normally the media ignore ex-spouses because, well, because from what I hear they can be just bit biased in their opinions. There are two recent notable exceptions to this rule, Gingrich and Jack Ryan. You remember Jack Ryan, don’t you? The Republican Illinois Senator who was a virtual lock to keep his seat in 2006 until the media dug up his divorce records and he eventually dropped out of the race. Who was the Democrat who ended up winning that Senate seat? Hummmmmm. A Democrat Star is Born and he can thank his SuperPAC that has been operating for longer than we probably know.

It is clear that for 2012 the Activist Old Media has no interest in hiding its bias. The major networks are looking more and more like MSNBC all the time and it will continue this way right through the election. The 2012 race will be the most brutal ever and SuperPAC’s will play a role in that.

Like every good SuperPAC they know exactly what the candidate wants done and they are doing it. Everyday.

Perhaps the media should just file with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) and put an end to the charade.