Facts Aren't Racist: Appeal of Gingrich Media Attacks Summed Up with 'Food' and 'Stamps'

Over the past couple days, it’s been fascinating to watch and read the corrupt media’s reaction to the effective counter-attack Speaker Gingrich has launched against them. Here are a couple of prime examples:

New York Times:

John King of CNN, Juan Williams of Fox News and Brian Ross of ABC News all ended up being hit by Mr. Gingrich in his relentless criticism of the news media last week, part of an anti-elite, anti-establishment campaign that is rallying conservative voters around him.

Translation: Angry GOP voters just want to see the MSM take a beating.


Both Thursday and in numerous debates before, the former House Speaker’s stance suggested a candidate harboring deep bitterness toward the media, a man appalled by the very sight of notebook-carrying scribes.

The reality is very different.

The same candidate who on Thursday decried “the destructive, vicious, negative nature of much of the news media” shows another face to the cadre of reporters who follow his campaign day-to-day. He jokes with them, publicly celebrates their birthdays, teases them about the early hour they are often forced out of bed to cover his events

Translation: Newt likes us! He really likes us! And what he’s really doing is just politics and red meat for those bitter conservatives bitterly clinging to their bitter hatred of the media.

By painting Newt’s attacks as nothing more than political theatre, the MSM is able to avoid any serious analysis or, God forbid, soul searching with respect to their own behavior. The truth, of course, is actually much deeper. The appeal of Newt’s counter-attack against the MSM can be summed up in two words: “food” and “stamps.”

In 2008 , those of us on the right watched in horror as the media elected a man president we knew nothing about. Among many other things, the MSM effectively declared off-limits any serious vetting with respect to Barack Obama’s…

…admitted drug use.

…twenty-years in a racially divisive, anti-American church.

…purchase of his home with the help of a now-convicted felon.

…starting of his political life in the home of a domestic terrorist.

…non-existent college transcripts.

…ties to the school of Saul Alinsky.

The reason the media refused and refuses to look into Obama’s past is because they’re afraid of what they might find, and the way in which the media stopped John McCain and the GOP from litigating these issues in 2008 was through the threat of calling us racists or delivering up some other kind of blowback. And even as the MSM was sending hundreds of reporters to Wasilla, John McCain and company caved.

Which brings me back to “food” and “stamps.”

The corrupt media knows that this fact about food stamps is damning to Barack Obama, so once again they’re declaring any facts inconvenient to Obama’s election chances racist. Gingrich’s counter-attack against the media on this issue is a declaration that he will not give in to these tactics and that he will not allow the media to intimidate him away from legitimate issues just because they say so. This was also what Gingrich was communicating when he lit into CNN’s John King over the question about his ex-wife.

Gingrich knows that no one in the MSM has ever or will ever do any serious digging into Obama’s background. So Gingrich is not only pushing back against this raging double standard, but if you look again at what the Speaker said during that nuclear attack against King, this was key:

“I am tired of the elite media protecting Barack Obama by attacking others.”

Gingrich knows exactly what the MSM’s 2012 gameplan is. The media intends to keep the focus on our nominee, to toxify him into something unelectable instead of allowing the debate to be on the grounds where Obama can’t possibly win: issues and his failed record.

This Sunday on “Meet the Press,” David Gregory signaled another issue the media doesn’t want discussed, and that’s Obama’s radical past. Once again, though, Gingrich refused to be cowed and also did a marvelous job of turning a question meant to put him on defense into an offensive political weapon to hit Obama with. As he does with the food stamp issue (most famously here), Gingrich turns the media’s attempt to silence his criticisms of Obama into an opportunity to amplify them. Moreover, while doing so, he effectively embarrasses the MSM by exposing their tactics.

Regardless of what the lying media says, conservatives aren’t interested in a candidate who simply attacks the MSM. What we’re interested in is a candidate who is able to communicate our message over the heads of the media and won’t curl up in the fetal position every time the MSM turns a legitimate criticism of Obama into racism.

Anyone can rage against the media, but what Gingrich is doing is out-flanking them in order to get the truth out. This is what conservatives have been waiting for over three years for. Moreover, we know we can’t fire Barack Obama without a candidate capable of doing this.

We either beat the media in 2012, or Obama wins a second term and our country becomes something we no longer recognize as America.