Monday Crib Sheet: SC Voters Defeat MSM In A Blowout

Mitt Romney unhinged: Calls Gingrich a “disgrace,” failure.” Will MSM reprimand Romney for going mean or do they save that line of attack for Gingrich specifically? Instead, MSM keeps insisting that the guy with the blowout victory in SC isn’t “electable.”

Major Garrett returns to the White House beat for National Journal.

Gingrich asks for equal treatment.

Reuters and Youtube to launch Reuters TV.

Gingrich’s victory in South Carolina was a blow to liberal media. Romney supporters are furious. Media apologists lost the battle against South Carolina grassroots:

Down goes Juan Williams.

Down goes John King.

Down goes the media elites.

And, down goes the Dick Morris who told us Rick Santorum won the debate on Thursday night.

Hear the roar.

– Fox News is beefing up the liberal voices by hiring heavily from the Hanoi Jane-founded Women’s Media Center. Some conservatives are upset at the new hires’s ACORN connections:

The goal of the Women’s Media Center in “making women visible and powerful in the media” has achieved a noticeable objective in the hiring of Sally Kohn by the Fox News Channel. But it’s not the only feminist breakthrough with Fox. Jehmu Greene, who became a Fox News contributor in 2010, is a former president of the Women’s Media Center. She is also a Democratic Party operative who was the national director of Project Vote, a group with close ties to the corrupt ACORN organization …

… Moncrief wrote about Greene’s previously unknown relationship to ACORN through Project Vote in a column, “Former ACORN insider infiltrates Fox News,” which appeared on the website Hot Air and other sites on September 7 …

… The Jehmu Greene connection to the corrupt entity is upsetting to Moncrief, who is trying to hold the organization and its operatives accountable. It is also upsetting, she said, because of Greene’s current employment at Fox News Channel, at a time when some conservative contributors to the channel have been writing and speaking critically about ACORN.