The Media Freak Show Over Romney's Money

It’s hard for the Activist Old Media to out-do itself with their leftist bias, but the Romney tax returns have them freaked out.

This fits right in their wheelhouse of deception and class envy.

The latest is an ABC story with this headline. “Romney Failed to Disclose Swiss Bank Account Income.”

Sounds serious there. Sounds like they finally busted Mitt and they are preparing the graphics and music for the hour-long prime time special showing him doing the IRS perp walk.

Five paragraphs into the story you find out the amount is $1,700 dollars. Now, $1,700 is more than most recent Democrats candidates for president donate to charity in a year, but on Romney’s tax returns to find a missing $1,700 dollars is like finding a penny in the cushions that you forgot to report. I guess the dollar amount is not important (unless its somebody making too much money,) it’s the headline they were after here.

Better get top terrorist reporter Brian Ross out of the Caribbean and off to Switzerland to uncover this latest Romney plot.

NBC’s Brian Williams called Romney’s wealth “unimaginable.” Unimaginable? How you doing Brian in your luxury Manhattan apartment? Ask your neighbor Beyonce if you can borrow some sugar.

Better send that crew back to Mexico to see how the branch of the Romney family is doing down there and demand they tell you how much money they make off their citrus farms. You left that out of the last story you did on them.

Comedy Central’s Jon Stewart also attacked Romney’s money while he is supposedly worth $80 million dollars. Yahoo News called it a “rare show of hypocrisy” by Stewart. Isn’t that nice, Jon gets cut some slack by Yahoo when they point out that he really doesn’t do this normally, but he just did. You see, it’s rare.

By the way, I hope they all make millions. Tens of millions, hundreds of millions if somebody will pay them that.

The hypocritical media is always the first and the loudest at pointing out supposed hypocrisy. They absolutely believe their values are only supposed to be attached to those whom they say values should be attached to, never to them. Of course, many times their values are jacked up. They could make $500 million per newscast and if they felt a Republican candidate was making too much money, they would blast them for it—then wait for their limo ride to the Hamptons, or where ever it is they go for the weekend.

Meanwhile, their Dear Leader is flying around the country on campaign stops on America’s dime. Oh, they don’t call them campaign stops, but we all know what they are. Did Obama come here to Vegas this week just to see the lights on The Strip? He threw darts at a map and swing states just happened to come up.

Barack Obama hasn’t made a penny unless somebody else made it first and was either forced to give it to him through taxes, or some rich person donated it to a charity so he could supposedly “organize” a community. To the media, this is the model of perfection right there. Better schedule another tee time soon. Maybe if you keep being nice to him, Brian and Jon, he’ll invite you out with him to play the back nine at Congressional.

This is the America that Obama said in 2008 that he would “unite.” He would bring together to make us feel like one nation under his Aura of Greatness. Instead, he is attempting to make our divide greater than ever through class envy. His SuperPAC of the Activist Old Media is there to help him every step of the way.

I’m thinking, hoping most Americans can see through this….but I’m not sure, I’ve got a lot of friends working for the Obama SuperPAC that actually believe what they say.