NBC and its "Fierce Debate" over Life

Brian Williams called it the “fierce debate over medical testing.”

Rock Center did an intense investigative story (2 segments!) on whether chimpanzees should be used for medical testing.

Nobody wants to see any animal abused, but like all leftists, NBC has it’s priorities jacked up.

First Brian, my question; whose fierce debate? Is this your debate that you had in the NBC lunchroom one day when a PETA freak intern/page told you that a fish was better than a person? I don’t know where this debate is being had, but I do know other debates that are actually fierce and they involve real humans…you know….people.

For starters, let’s go here.

NBC has never called Barack Obama’s belief in infanticide to be part of a “fierce debate,” but they will say using a chimp to test hepatitis drugs to save human lives has created some sort of intense debate. Listen Rock Heads, going on air acting all self righteous like animal life is more valuable that human life doesn’t make you better than everybody else, it makes you dangerous.

Your Dear Leader in the White House voted three times as an Illinois State Senator in favor of letting an infant born in a hospital die in the delivery room if the mother intended to have an abortion. Now, Barack Obama has made confusing and convoluted statements since, trying to excuse his vote and confuse the electorate, but the bottom line here, the Illinois legislation that he voted for allowed infanticide. There is no excuse for doing that. Ever.

A Chicago nurse said she saw babies born alive during botched abortions and were left to die. NBC, in your infinite wisdom and compassion, have you considered doing this story and see if it ignites a “fierce debate?”

The story continued with one of the most leftist reporter NBC has ever had asking this brilliant question:

“In a drug trial the human had a choice. The chimp has no choice.” said Lisa Meyers.

Yep, Lisa—you would be right about that, unless it was actually a human born in Chicago and the mother wanted it aborted. No choice there for the human.

The answer by the scientist to Lisa was classic:

“You are correct, the chimp has no choice to participate in medical research and pigs have no choice to participate in the grinding up of sausage. These are animals, they are used by humans for the welfare of humans, no matter how much some people may wish it were so, chimpanzees are not people, they are chimpanzees.”

Dissolve on set to Brian Williams.

“A lot to think about here,” said the Master of All Brilliant News Anchors. Ya, a lot to think about alright. You must first start from the basis that the value of human life is different that animal life. That gets Biblical and it might actually ignite a real “fierce debate.”

Ya, a lot to think about here Brian. Think about the dozens, perhaps hundreds of infants born capable of life and left to die in hospitals across the country. See if Rock 30 Freak Center wants to do that story.

After break, NBC returned and Williams doubled-down.

“Welcome back to our exploration of this fierce debate over medical testing of chimpanzees,” said NBC’s Compassionate One.

Try this fierce debate on for size, NBC: Your hero, the late Rachel Carson wrote Silent Spring and that led to the banning of DDT. Without DDT, mosquitoes flourish and malaria spreads so millions of children in Africa die. I don’t know, there might be room for a fierce debate right there. Maybe that will be next week on Solid Rock.

In the meantime, we wait to hear what NBC will declare the next “fierce debate.” Maybe it will be over plants and where they fit in their confused and convoluted world view. Does a corn stalk feel love and pain? Here’s an expert you can bring on who is pitching “vegetable rights.” Hey, I found another one that says it wants to “stop people from torturing, killing, humiliating, and ultimately eating vegetables and fruits.” Hey, these “grassroots” groups are a joke, but shouldn’t they have their voice heard? Let’s have that fierce debate in prime time. Maybe someday a chimp can read the intro to the story.