Democrats Clear DOJ of Fast and Furious, Media Eats It Up

Remember this? Yes, last Friday night the DOJ dumped documents on Congress about Fast and Furious. Anyone with an ounce of common sense & critical thinking skills would come to the conclusion based on the emails between Monty Wilkinson, Attorney General Eric Holder’s then deputy chief of staff, and then-US Attorney Dennis Burke, Mr. Holder and quite possible Assistant Attorney General Lanny Breuer knew about Operation Fast and Furious.

The majority of the media ignored the documents. They took the AP article and printed it, but buried it among other articles. Only NPR, The Daily Caller, and CBS had original articles. The New York Times really buried it: Even if you searched for it you wouldn’t find it. The AP article mentions the emails at the very end, but just repeats the talking points instead of using their common sense. “Mr. Wilkinson does not recall discussing this aspect with the attorney general.” Come on people let’s use our brains! Do you believe Mr. Wilkinson, Mr. Holder’s deputy chief of staff, did NOT tell his boss about this?

But Congressional Democrats and the media don’t think this way. Instead of investigating further they simply take someone’s word, even if it sounds suspicious. This morning I saw an alert from The New York Times. The Democrats on The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee cleared the Obama administration of any wrong doing. This is the same Times that ignored the Friday night document dump. This story appeared on the front page of their US section and is an original piece written by Charlie Savage. Ironically the article by Pete Yost at the AP is the most concise one he’s written about Fast and Furious. Gee, I wonder why. The Huffington Post put Mr. Yost’s article on the front page of their politics section. What’s this I see? The Washington Post actually didn’t publish the AP article, but had Sari Horwirz write an original piece? I believe that hasn’t happened since September.

[youtube aDlqOyXfsAE&feature=uploademail Representative Darrell Issa on FOX News]

Representative Darrell Issa appeared on FOX this morning

Congressman Elijah Cummings says, “The committee has obtained no evidence indicating that the attorney general authorized gun-walking or that he was aware of such allegations before they became public.” The Democrats mention the emails between Mr. Wilkinson and Mr. Burke, but just leave it at that. For some reason they don’t find it odd that Mr. Holder’s deputy chief of staff Mr. Wilkinson did not tell Mr. Holder about the guns. Same goes for you Old Media. I want to hear it from your mouth. Why don’t you find it odd Mr. Wilkinson did NOT tell Mr. Holder about the guns found at Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry’s death scene?

The Democrats complain the Committe never brought up former Attorney General Michael Mukasey. Key word: former. Tell me Old Media why aren’t you questioning the Democrats about this? Aren’t you curious as to why they think it’s important to bring up a former attorney general, someone who has absolutely NOTHING to do with Operation Fast and Furious?

Mr. Breuer insists he could not have known about gunwalking when he reviewed the legal reviews of wiretaps for Operation Fast and Furious. You mean to tell me the Democrats and the Old Media don’t find that a tad suspicious? It is NOT easy to receive a wiretap. Hey Media. Google is your friend. According to Surveillance Self-Defense it is rather difficult to obtain a wiretap. [Bold my emphasis.]

The requirements for getting a wiretap order from a judge are very strict. The Wiretap Act (and similar state statutes) requires law enforcement to submit a lengthy application that contains a full and complete statement of facts about (1) the crime that has been, is being, or is about to be committed and (2) the place, like your house or office, and/or the communications facilities, like those of your phone company or ISP, from which the communications are to be intercepted. The government must also submit a particular description of (3) the communications sought to be intercepted and (4) the identity of the persons committing the crime (if known) and of the persons whose communications are to be intercepted. Finally, the government must offer 5) a full and complete statement of whether other investigative procedures have been tried and have failed or why they appear unlikely to succeed or are too dangerous, (6) a full and complete statement of the period of time for which the interception is to be maintained, and (7) a full and complete statement about all previous wiretap applications concerning any of the same persons, facilities, or places.

In other words you have to be extremely specific, down to the tiniest details, to receive a wiretap. Media should put pressure on them about this! Ask the questions!

When Mr. Breuer and Mr. Weinstein, Deputy Assistant Attorney General, found out about previous gunwalking tactics they informed the top people at the ATF, but didn’t bother to tell Mr. Holder or the Deputy Attorney General. Again, doesn’t anyone in the media find it suspicious Mr. Breuer didn’t alert his boss Mr. Holder? He works directly with Mr. Holder!

Why are the Dems & media giving them a free ride over the handling of personnel? Isn’t is suspicious these people were allowed to resign? Isn’t it even more suspicious some of these people weren’t fired, but instead reassigned? Considering what they did these people should have been FIRED. Media, tell me why you’re not asking these questions. Why didn’t they fire Mr. Kenneth Melson? Why was Mr. Burke allowed to resign?

Then the Dems are so confident Fast and Furious wasn’t used to force stricter gun laws. Media should look at their very own, CBS’s Sharyl Attkisson. Ms. Attkisson wrote an article on December 7, 2011, about documents showing the ATF wanted to use Fast and Furious to implement stricter gun laws. Hey Media. Are you going to allow the Dems to deny this despite Ms. Attkisson’s proof? Shouldn’t you be questioning this?

Katie Pavlich at Townhall is one of the few in the media staying on top of Fast and Furious. You can check out her piece on this latest development. She sums it up perfectly: “Note to Cummings: Your cover-up is showing.” May I add the media to it as well? Both Democrats and the MSM are active in this cover-up.

Don't forget Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry.