No One Watching His Show Didn't Stop Politico from Anointing Colbert 'King of 2012 Comedy!'

Left-wing operatives, like those who run Politico, are intentionally attempting to create their own reality. In the same way the left turned “30 Rock,” a show that ranked 106 in the ratings last season, into some sort of cultural phenom, the idea here is to push the political and social values of something no one watches into our country’s cultural and media narrative as though it’s something it’s not — popular.

Politico loves Stephen Colbert because Stephen Colbert loves Barack Obama and is waging war against the Right and free speech. America, however, is, to be kind, indifferent to Colbert. 1.44 million viewers and only half that among the 18-49 group, does not make you King of anything.

But Colbert knows how to play the game and understands that if he wants these kinds of hollow accolades and the opportunity to push his left-wing agenda and to have history revised in his favor, he must appeal to the right people, and the right people are not THE people; the right people are the left-wing elites who infest our corrupt media.

In the face of ratings dwarfed by Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity, with ratings lower than those of most every primetime show on Fox News; lower than those of “Pawn Stars,” “WWE Wrestling,” reruns of “The Family Guy,” and “Hoarders,” here is your corrupt and wildly out of touch media at work:

Colbert now stands alone as the 2012 election’s must-watch court jester. And watching they are — and the comparisons with Stewart are inevitable.

“The satire is fantastic and very unambiguous,” said Sirius XM’s Julie Mason. “I am starting to get alarmed by how many people think Jon Stewart is a newsman. He is a nonfiction entertainer. I do love Colbert more than Jon Stewart.”

Erin McPike, a political reporter for RealClearPolitics, said, “I can’t think of another comedian who has the pulse of politics quite like Colbert. It does look like Stewart has become Colbert’s sidekick — sort of a role reversal from how things used to be, which makes it funnier in my opinion.”

“I’d say Colbert is definitely the edgier of the pair these days,” said The Atlantic’s Garance Franke-Ruta.

Politico actually writes that Colbert is the 2012 election cycle’s “must-watch.” And yet the propagandist behind this piece, Patrick Gavin, never bothers to mention that no one watches him. Hilariously, Gavin reports that Colbert’s ratings are “steady.”

This is worse than being bubbled, though, this is all about a political agenda. Even MSNBC’s Chuck Todd has stated openly that Colbert is all about taking down conservatives (a fact Gavin omits when describing Todd’s concerns), but what Obama’s MSM Palace Guards really like is Colbert’s ferocious, fascistic attacks on unlimited political speech.

Super PACs aren’t just the enemy of whomever they’re targeting in the political world, super PACs are the MSM’s number-one rival for the relaying of information to the masses. In order for the media to control the narrative they must have the airwaves and cable channels all to themselves.

The irony here is that there is no bigger group of super PACs in this country than Colbert’s own Comedy Central and the mainstream media. Each is backed by gajillionaires and are all part of a multi-national corporation. Oh, and they all have left-wing political agendas. So of course Colbert and his trained MSM seals want unlimited political speech in the form of super PACs toxified and eliminated, for there’s nothing that threatens the left more than free and open debate.

Controlling the narrative is how you elect Democrats and that’s where the MSM’s clown-monkey Stephen Colbert found his free speech-stifling niche.

No one watches Colbert, but he’s not looking for an audience, he’s looking for accolades from the elite and the influence opportunities they offer him to push the country towards undermining free speech and getting Barack Obama reelected.

What Colbert is doing to kill free speech is a massive con. The only bigger con is the one currently in play by the MSM to pretend that Colbert has some sort of populist appeal.

But the numbers don’t lie, and Colbert’s real appeal (outside of the predominantly white and leftist Politico newsroom) is statistically something romantically close to ZERO. He’s also the first so-called satirist I’ve ever come across who wants to limit free speech.

Well, other than his mentor Jon Stewart.

Lenny Bruce would be so proud.