MSM To Eric Holder's Rescue From Big Bad Bully Darrell Issa

On Monday Representative Darrell Issa threatened Attorney General Eric Holder with a contempt of Congress if he does not fulfill Mr. Issa’s subpoena from October 12, 2011. Hardly anyone reported it. But then when I went to Google “Issa Eric Holder” this evening and a bunch of results came up. Unfortunately it was not about Mr. Issa’s statements. Instead it’s all about Mr. Holder and the Department of Justice’s remarks.

I’ve mentioned before it’s unusual for the Old Media to run any Fast and Furious news if the AP didn’t run something first. Same thing with this story. AP didn’t bother to post a story about Mr. Issa, but as soon as Mr. Holder says something they’re all over it. It’s quite pathetic and reminds me of Pavlov’s dog. This is the explanation of Mr. Issa’s letter:

Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., made the accusation in a letter threatening to seek a contempt of Congress ruling against Attorney General Eric Holder for failing to turn over congressionally subpoenaed documents that were created after problems with Fast and Furious came to light. Holder was to testify Thursday before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, which Issa chairs.

That’s it. No mention that this is a response to his subpoena on October 12, 2011. No mention of the emails sent Friday night. But the media goes crazy and reprints this article.

Not every outlet used the AP story though. The Washington Post again had an original piece written by Sari Horwitz! Weird, isn’t it, that she writes original posts when the DOJ and Democrats are on the defense. Surprise surprise! The story is on the front page of the website.

The Post to the rescue! The poor justice official Deputy Attorney General James Cole says it just isn’t possible to get all the documents ready by February 9th. Ms. Horwitz really makes the DOJ a victim of the awful bully Mr. Issa. She fails to tell you that these documents are from a subpoena that was issued on OCTOBER 12, 2011. They’ve had FOUR months. That’s F-O-U-R months Ms. Horwitz. How convenient Ms. Horwitz didn’t explain why Mr. Issa is resorting to contempt of Congress. Again, only reporting ONE side. No bias here!

CNN is no better. The author, Terry Frieden, didn’t bother to mention that the documents he is demanding is from his subpoena on, let’s say it together, October 12, 2011. Again, it makes it look like Mr. Issa is giving the DOJ an impossible task. Mr. Frieden hides relevant information which makes Mr. Issa appear as if he’s throwing accusations around. Mr. Frieden could have posted the emails they received last Friday that prove Mr. Breuer supported gun walking. But he doesn’t and Mr. Issa looks like a bully. No bias!

It’s obvious they don’t care how bias this makes them look. If they were truly neutral they’d cover both stories or neither. I cannot wait to see how they cover Mr. Holder’s testimony. I bet Mr. Issa is going to be so tough on him. I’ll shed a tear or two … for Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry.

Rest In Peace Brian Terry. We Won't Forget.