Politico's Dylan Byers Gives Media Matters the Last Word On Loesch, Attkisson AIM Awards

If John Podesta isn’t paying his Politico-parrot Dylan Byers anything, he’s getting quite the sweet deal.

In today’s lip-lock with Media Matters, Byers writes up a piece about the Accuracy In Media award our own Dana Loesch and CBS News reporter Sharyl Attkisson are set to receive this week but, as he does quite frequently, Byers gives Media Matters the final say:

In response to the statement, the liberal watchdog group Media Matters today noted that AIM has “a long history of promoting anti-gay views and conspiracy theories” and called the organization “a cesspool of hate.”

Media Matters also noted that the award has traditionally gone to reporters from conservative or right-wing media outlets, including Big Journalism, Fox News, the Heritage Foundation, and The Daily Caller.

We’ve done research on the unspoken relationship between Politico and Media Matters, and do you want to know what we’ve never found? Politico or Byers quoting any right-of-center media watchdog’s opinion of Media Matters.

Funny how that works.

Byers doesn’t even balance his reporting with a mention about the many respected Jewish groups, including the Simon Wiesenthal Center, that have criticized Media Matters and the Center for American Progress for anti-Jewish sentiments.

Without a word, Byers simply links to a Media Matters hit-sheet on Ms. Attkisson.