Thursday Morning Crib Sheet: The Bigs at CPAC, Progressives Blame … Conservatives For GLAAD Overreaction

– Big Journalism’s Dana Loesch and a good chunk of the Breitbart crew will be at CPAC beginning today. Loesch will broadcast from radio row, is scheduled to receive the AIM award today, present one of the Bloggers’ Red Carpet Award tomorrow, and speak on Saturday at 3:15 eastern. Andrew Breitbart speaks Friday at 4:40 eastern on the topic of “unity.” You won’t want to miss this speech — and won’t have to, as it will be livestreamed on

– Media Matters is jealous that they have never been nominated or received an award. They’re trying to bully Sharyl Attkisson from showing up to receive her AIM award. Keep in mind, MMfA mysteriously received (and didn’t disclose) a massive wad of cash from SEIU following the beating of Ken Gladney — around the same time they began vigorously defending SEIU — is criticizing Attkisson for receiving an award for her excellent reporting on Fast and Furious, which Media Matters has wholly ignored. And no, defense pieces for Holder that go against the facts Attkisson discovers don’t quality as “coverage.”

– Is CNN is censor-happy? Now Martin’s Tweets are “homophobic?” Since when the hell is making fun of soccer “homophobic?” Instead of getting angry at drama-happy GLAAD, progressives have blamed … Dana Loesch and Erick Erickson. And probably also George Bush. And Sarah Palin. Also Grover Norquist. And the Koch Brothers, don’t forget them. And Foster Friess. Forgetting anyone?

– Sean Hannity vs Ed Schultz on Twitter.

– Brent Bozell vs Sam Feist on Twitter.

– Even after Roland Martin apologized for GLAAD’s determination to find gay-bashing in a soccer joke, they’re still not satisfied. They want to continue having conversations on how jokes about David Beckham’s underwear can result in LGBT “violence.”

– Dylan Byers: Why didn’t CNN suspend Loesch, Erickson over a joke Martin made that groups claimed was homophobic but wasn’t? Also, when will Loesch, Erickson, apologize for Hurricane Katrina, the Challenger explosion, and Greece’s economic problems?

“CNN executives want to raise the bar on the level of professionalism off air by contributors in general, and that too is under discussion,” the executive wrote.

Does this mean that from now on anything anyone at the network says that another group arbitrarily finds offensive (or really doesn’t but wants to as an excuse to enact some progressive vendetta against conservatives) may result in the canning/suspension/punishment of employees? That certainly promotes a comfortable, creative working environment.

– Fox News just keeps making money despite the Faux Nooz campaign.

– Some employee shuffling at the Tina Brown Magazine Of Weird Princess Diana Covers.

– Sure is a good thing that Big Peace’s Peter Schweizer reminded journalists what it feels like to pay attention to congress and report on their antics.