Clueless Piers Morgan Can't Understand Why Romney Won't Appear on 'Tonight'

Pity Piers Morgan.

The CNN talker expected a hero’s welcome when he replaced the low-rated Larry King at CNN. Instead, “Piers Morgan Tonight” dragged the news channel’s ratings even lower on some nights, while on others struggles to top what King brought to CNN. All the while, the host’s unexpurgated liberal bias makes King look fair and balanced by comparison.

Consider that while watching this exchange between Morgan and guest Jon Voight:

Morgan on Romney: He won’t come on again, and I’m not sure why

This is the same Morgan who said Sarah Palin should apologize to Gabrielle Giffords for the horrific Tucson shooting and let actor Sean Penn call the Tea Party racist without even attempting to challenge the notion.

Why in the world would Gov. Romney set foot in Morgan’s studio, let alone let the host reinforce the false mainstream media narratives regarding the GOP presidential hopeful already in play?

Heck, Morgan is already calling him “robotic.”