RETRACTION REQUEST: Gawker Lies, Claims Conservatives Drop "N" Word at CPAC

Progressives are attempting to skewer Steven Crowder and Chris Loesch, claiming that they used the “N” word when saying the word “knickers” in a satirical video about the loss of American exceptionalism.

At no time did the duo use the “N” word, and to prevent hyper-dramatic liberals from whipping out their dog whistles, they even point to their pants when they say “knickers” in the video.

Gawker failed to post the original video where this is clear, instead seizing on an opportunity to defame Crowder and Loesch and attack Loesch’s wife, editor of this site.

[youtube 3h8bUtIfpSo nolink]

We demand that Gawker retract their claim and issue an apology.